So when I received the opportunity to review an Android tablet from Audiovox I jumped at the chance. My husband has a Ipad and I had a Kindle fire and got rid of it and was missing it. I was asked to do this review and add it to my fathers day gift guide.

You download apps via the Google play store. It also comes with a camera which you can take photos on both sides of the tablet, making it perfect for Skyping and selfies. And we all love taking pictures of ourselves all the time.

You can connect the tablet to any WiFi service very easily, very similar to a phone it searches for the closest ones in the area, you input the password or just connect freely and bam. Another very cool option it has is an HDMI input so you can connect it to your television. This is perfect if you stream Netflix, or just want to watch YouTube videos on your television.

What is great about android tablets versus ipads is how easily accessible they are. This one in particular has a place where you can plug a USB chord into it so you can connect it to your computer to transfer files to it, as well as stream content from there. from your phone or from your big SD card (sometimes SD cards have little SD cards inside of them) .

8-inch tablet for Android
The Audiovox T852 8-inch Android tablet runs on the Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system features front-facing speakers that are aimed directly at the user, providing a surround-sound audio experience and a capacitive 5 point touch screen that allows for improved accuracy and zooming functions. The T852 has Bluetooth connectivity, lets users plug in their favorite hi-definition devices and micro SD memory cards through a HDMI output and micro SD card slot. This unit includes all the most popular applications, and are preloaded so the user can read books, listen to music, browse the internet, read email and watch video, right out of the box. There are dual front and rear cameras, and an extremely fast dual core, 1.5 GHz processor, 1G of RAM, 8 GB of memory; the external Micro SD slot is expandable to 32G. This full featured tablet is also Google Play certified, which gives the user access to thousands of applications available in the Google Play store and comes with built-in WiFi connectivity so you can enjoy your entertainment from work, home or on the go.
8-inch tablet with Android 4.1
Certified Google Play
Dual-Core, 1.5 GHz
Memory: 8GB (expandable to 32GB)

To connect to Audiovox and learn more about this product you can do so here.

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