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My body hurts as I age and I think multivitamins would hold me sufficient into providing all the extras I should need. That is not the case, along with a healthy diet and exercise, vitamins is not enough. It’s also mentally how you feel and your physical stamina. Auro Wellness has a cellular break though of the Transdermal Glutathione spray that brings wellness to the forefront.

Who is Auro Wellness?

This is a company created by Dr. Patel for crafting a spray to help combat stress. He did his research and discovered that glutathione can be absorbed into the skin in a cellular level and will create a healthier body. Glutathione is such a powerful ingredient.  In fact, our body makes this antioxidant and we can derive it from eating certain foods. However, some people need better access to it, so using Glutaryl, is more effective as it can be absorbed through the skin.

Glutaryl will help the body combat various toxins and free the body of them. I used the spray on my face and overall I noticed more energy. I also felt more relaxed. Glutathione also supports liver function and helps boots immunity. I feel using Glutaryl through this pandemic is very ideal, because boosting the body’s natural defenses is highly desired in keeping those germs at bay.

I would use the spray as intended at four sprays through out the day. Ideally using it for three to six months to keep my Glutathione levels balanced out. I am happy to know that Glutaryl is free of parabens, sulfates, perfumes, mineral oil, artificial preservatives and colors. It is also gluten and dairy free. It is very convenient to use as a spray and makes such a big difference in wellness.

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