In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in motor vehicle manufacturing. Most vehicles today are equipped with automatic transmission, unlike in years gone by when manual transmission vehicles were the order of the day. These changes can be largely attributed to advancements in technology.

When you drive an automatic car, it will change gears for you which means you won’t have to over-rev it. The only job you will be required to do is to control the accelerator and the brake. Generally speaking, driving an automatic car is a lot less stressful than driving a manual one.


For many people who want to take driving lessons, it definitely makes sense to do so with automatic transmission cars since they are likely to end up using them anyway. It doesn’t make sense to use a manual car if you are going to drive a different car once you get your license.


Here are some of the benefits of automatic driving lessons:

1. Less stressful learning

This is one of the biggest benefits you will get if you opt for automatic driving lessons manchester. For most learners, mastering the use of the gear, clutch and accelerator at the same time can be quite stressful. With an automatic car, the student mostly focuses on building driving confidence.

2. Students with learning difficulties

If you have a physical disability that restricts your movement, driving a manual car can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, with automatic driving lessons, you can learn how to drive an automatic car without too much of a problem.

3. Accuracy of the automatic car

Accuracy can be a big problem when it comes to driving a car that is fitted with a manual transmission. Changing gears requires a good deal of timing. You have to be driving at the right speed and the gear change must be in a fluid motion. When you learn to use an automatic car, this is not something that you need to worry too much about.

4. Fewer lessons

Compared to training in a manual car, you need fewer lessons when it comes to automatic driving lessons. This is because you don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out how to change gears and use the clutch.


What is the procedure of taking an automatic driving test?


The procedure is largely the same as that of a manual test. However, in an automatic driving test, the risk of the car stalling is significantly reduced. At the same time, some of the struggles that you would have with a manual car are eliminated, including gear and clutch control. Maneuvers such as hill starts and turns on the road are made much easier. Basically, as a learner, you don’t have too much to contend with when taking an automatic driving test.


In summary


There is no doubt that most new students are likely to enjoy taking automatic driving lessons. With fewer things to coordinate, they are able to concentrate more on what is going on around them on the road. With manual cars, it is easy to get fixated on what you should be doing with your hands and feet.


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