Most people strive to keep fit and healthy, and this includes trimming down excess body fat, if necessary, to be in tip-top shape. The first thing that people tend to do is to incorporate a change in their diet. This includes avoiding the foods listed down below to trim down body fats.  

Ice Cream

Yes, it is extremely delicious, but it is extremely high in sugar too. Apart from being low in protein, ice cream doesn’t also have fiber that helps in the natural fat-burning process of the body. Try frozen fruit instead, such as a banana or strawberry.

French Fries

Sad as it may seem, let go of the fries because apart from being high in calories and low in fiber, it is also high in unhealthy fat. Thereby, it is better to choose a healthier side dish such as a green salad or fresh fruit. You might even feel fuller with these sides, compared to french fries that only boasts empty calories.

White Rice, Bread, and Pasta

While white rice is low in fat, it is also low in fiber and protein that is necessary for healthy digestion. On the other hand, white bread and pasta are typically made from refined wheat flour that is high in carbohydrates but at the same time low in fiber. Whole grain varieties of bread and pasta, as well as brown rice or quinoa are the best substitutes.

Processed Meat

While it is more convenient to open a can of meatloaf, it is also more harmful to your health. Apart from canned meat, smoked, dried, or fermented meat is also not good for regular consumption because these are high in salt but low in nutrients. It is better to consume lean protein sources such as fish and beans.

Other Alternatives to Trim Down Your Fats

It cannot be denied, however, that even with a strict diet, which includes religiously avoiding the foods listed above, there is still some stubborn excess body fat that never seems to go away. Nowadays, you no longer have to fret because there are already procedures that can help you trim down the fat in certain target areas in your body such as fat freezing or liposuction. While fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure, liposuction, specifically laser liposuction is minimally invasive. In the latter, a laser fiber is inserted underneath the skin to liquefy the fat cells that will be suctioned by cannulas. While these methods can definitely trim down the excess fat in the target areas in your body, it is still best to practice proper diet and exercise alongside these treatments.

To wrap things up, looking good while doing so is just a positive consequence of being fit and healthy. People can go to various lengths in order to maintain their health and their looks. Thus, if you are struggling to lose your excess body fat, keep in mind that you are not alone. Apart from being conscious of what you eat, thanks to the advancements in modern technology, there are already several means that can help you lose those excess body fats.


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