Away With You, Anxiety

Anxiety is on the rise, and that is because we live ever more stressful lives. A lot of people suffer with anxiety. It could be caused by an impending deadline at work. It could be that you’re ready to leave the house, have everything ready, but then can’t locate your keys, and so the anxiety starts. It could be that you’ve moved to a new place and you’re suffering with the three month anxiety period. It could be that your child isn’t sleeping through the night and you’re starting to feel anxious about your abilities as a mother. Whatever it is, anxiety can really knock you for six. If it is really affecting your life, then we recommend you speak to your local doctor about it. However, there are also certain measures you can take to help ease your anxiety alongside medical guidance.

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We are not getting enough sleep. That is a fact. You may be in better for the appropriate amount of time, but getting decent sleep for the appropriate amount of time, that is a no. This has a huge role to plan in the build up of anxiety. What’s kre, it can start a vicious cycle – a lack of sleep can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause a lack of sleep. That’s why it is important you start sticking to a routine. Set an alarm for the evening, one that informs you it’s time to go to bed and read for half an hour before switching the light off. Getting into a routine can help our bodies understand what is happening and how to react.

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Taking a few minutes out of your day to relax can help you channel positivity into your body and flush out any negativity, including anxiety. What’s more, current studies on meditation have proven it can loosen the connections our mind makes to certain neural pathways connected to anxiety. Basically, it has a direct impact on stress. What’s more, meditation also helps us to better process our emotions, thus giving us more control over how we feel and the out in which we recover from unwanted emotions. The way all this works is relatively simple. By taking a minute to relax, we are allowing ourselves to carefully and consciously observe our brains, which gives a chance to understand how, and possibly, why we generate anxious thoughts in the first place. And, by understanding how the brain does this, we are better equipped to distance ourselves from those very thoughts in the future.

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Eating right can really help. It can be a challenge given how anxiety can change our eating habits and make us crave rubbish foods, but sticking to a balanced diet can overcome this. Make sure your diet is high in nutrients and fibres; foods that contain vitamins and omega-3s. This have proven to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on the mind and maintain a balanced state of mental being.


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