Awesome Basketball Moves That Will Silence the Haters




Basketball is a game of skill. Unlike many other sports, the brilliance of the game comes from the intricacy and fluidity of the movements needed to perform at such a high level. NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Lebron James have their unique moves which set them apart from the competition, and many other basketball players. 


The best way to improve your abilities, and silence the haters at the same time, is to develop your skill set and find moves that you can pull off on the court. 


These tips will help you see what kind of moves you can implement into your practice, and eventually bust out during a game and impress your competitors and teammates.


Dunking is considered one of those mythical feats for a lot of basketball players. Some are gifted with natural height and hops, which makes it easier to get to the rim with urgency. Although this is a factor, there are tons of players throughout history, both professional and recreational, that have been on the shorter side and have shown how to attack the rim with a dunk. 


Jordan Kilganon is a professional dunker who competes in competitions, and his training has led him to develop an insane vertical leap that allows him to pull off some crazy dunks, like his infamous scorpion or through the legs dunk. The specialty of Jordan Kilganon’s dunk comes from his ability to train specifically for this, which means plyometrics such as box jumps to train the muscles to help get liftoff. Learning to dunk in jeans, or through the legs takes time, so work on those basics first!


The famous crossover. Popularized by players like Allen Iverson, this move can be deadly when done right. It can make your hardest defender fold and give you the ability to drive the lane or create space for a shot. Being able to master this move and use it in pickup games also requires a lot of practice. The key here is to handle the ball well. Stepping outside makes the defender bite, and gets him out of position thinking you are going to move that way, to which you cut back. 


Most of the time this means multiple dribbles, switching from hand to hand to keep your defenders’ weight shifting so he cannot set himself up to protect the ball. After this, you do that quick crossing over with the ball – and it will make even the best defenders look silly.

Step-Back Three Pointer


As basketball has moved more towards a refined, and technical game, the physicality has dropped slightly. There is no shortage of big men playing inside the paint, but the 3 pointer is now king. The step-back shot is going to make quick work of defenders who are playing slightly off of you, but a step back three will quit even the most trash-talking player. Nothing feels more satisfying than to kick the leg out, step back, and fade away the shot and hear it swish through the net. This move will turn you into a scoring machine, which will be good for anyone who wants a good outside man in pickup games.


This one is really popular too, but not many people realize they are doing it because they do not know the name. The Eurostep is simply a drive to the basket or through the lane with long strides to create fast separation and allow you to stride in and layup or dunk the ball. The best part about this move is that it is actually easy to learn, and it is efficient. People with long legs can pull this move off pretty easily because they have less ground to make up on the court to score, but even if you are not tall, you can learn to make big strides. Your dribbling technique is important too and you need to be able to control the ball for long air time. If you can do that, you can split the defense and score at will on your competition.


The amount of individual skill it takes to become great at basketball is sometimes higher than any other sport. It requires a lot of technical refinement that is not seen in things like football or baseball, but that is what makes basketball so interesting. For those who need some tips or moves to help elevate their game, then these should provide you a good place to add to your arsenal of skills on the court.