If you‘re living in one of the states (currently only 6) that are lucky enough to have one of the awesome Tijuana Flats restaurants, I hope you’re not missing out on enjoying some of the “hidden menu” items!  These tasty fan favorites were “created by accident” and became so popular that word got around and they quickly became well known, off-menu items that every location knows how to recreate!  All thanks to the power of word-of-mouth and social media, everyone can now indulge themselves in these delicious dishes, whether you are a long time customer or have just recently popped in to try them out.
As a first time customer myself, I was really excited to have received the opportunity to try out these “hidden menu“ items.
First on the menu is one of their appetizers, Beefy Queso. This is their classic queso combined with mounds of ground beef and served with tortilla chips.  This right here is an instant favorite for most people and I’m sure if you try it out yourself, you will not be disappointed.  The seasoning is perfect and the consistency is wonderful.  It goes fast if you have others to share with so you may want to double your order!
The three different “hidden menu” entrées we tried are as follows:
The Double Stack Cheesy Tacos – This taco creation is a soft flour tortilla drizzled in queso then wrapped around a hard corn taco shell and served with your choice of proteins and toppings.  Don’t be surprised if you can’t finish eating them if you order two or more. They are very filling and all of the toppings are of generous proportions.
The Atom Bombs – Atom Bombs are lightly fried tortillas stuffed with fresh jalapeños and cream cheese. They are served with a side of sour cream and their famous Smack Sweet sauce.  They can give you some heat so the side of sour cream definitely helps. You can choose to eat this as an entrée by yourself or perhaps order it as an appetizer and share with your friends or family.
The Mexican Pizza – Made with a fried tortilla covered with red sauce and melted cheese. You can choose your choice of protein and toppings. If you’re sharing with someone as an appetizer vs as an entree and perhaps you don’t like the same toppings, just let them know and I’m sure they can make the pizza different on each half. 🙂 I like that it’s customizable!
And finally, we have one of the best dessert items I’ve ever tried! The Cookie Dough Flautas!  They take a flour tortilla and load it up with “The Original“ chocolate chip cookie dough.  And I do mean they load it up!  Then they lightly fry it and sprinkle the top with plenty of powdered sugar. All of this is served with a side of decadently rich, ooey-gooey, chocolate syrup.
Want to read some more, about this great place, head on over to Heaven's Yes I Love Freebies, for some more great information.
So stop on by and give them a try.  Tell us what you think!  We'd love to know your experience too! Tijuana Flats for an experience like no other.

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