ringing a new life into the world will be one of the most magical moments you’ve ever experienced. While there is going to be a certain amount of pain and quite a few tears, you certainly won’t regret going through the ordeal. If you’re pregnant at the moment and feeling a little miserable, you might like to take some comfort in this post. We’ve spent some time talking to new mothers about the most exciting things that happen once a baby is born. You’ve got all these cool things to look forward to over the next couple of years.




Baby’s first smile…


The first time your child opens its eyes and smiles at you, your heart is going to melt. Indeed, that is why so many people pay for modern newborn photography during the early stages. You’ll want to capture what that smile looked like, and it’s guaranteed to make a lovely photograph. We all know that babies tend to spend most of their time crying, and so it’s nice to record those moments when a smile fell upon their tiny faces.


Baby’s first word…


Like it or not, most babies call their fathers name before they call their mothers. That is simply due to the amount of movements required to make those sounds. It is much easier for a baby to say “dada” than it is for them to mouth the sound “moma.” Even so, you’ll want to keep your video recorder handy. Most people fail to capture their child’s first word, but there is no reason you can’t record it and enjoy it forever. If nothing else, it will help you to embarrass them when they finally bring a girlfriend / boyfriend home for the first time.


Baby’s first steps…


Most children don’t start walking until they are more than one-year-old. However, it can happen much sooner than that. It all depends on your baby’s desire to get around. If they are inquisitive, they are more likely to find their feet faster.


Baby’s first holiday…


Just think about how enthusiastic and excited you feel when traveling around the world with your adult friends. You probably spend a lot of time taking selfies in front of some of the most renowned sights and attractions. Once you have a baby, there will be a new face in all those images. While holidays with the kids might be different, they are just as fun.


Baby’s first dance moves….


Anyone who has music channels on their TV will tell you that small children and babies love dancing. Once they become familiar with a certain song, you can make their faces light up when it comes on. Seeing small children and babies dancing is often very funny, but it’s also adorable. For fathers, seeing their son or daughter dancing in front of the television before they can string a coherent sentence together can be very enjoyable.


As you can see, there are lots of cool things you should be looking forward to over the coming months and years. Humans were designed to reproduce, and so you’re simply completing the circle of life.

Jens Bergander

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