Axe gold temptation collection. The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner gets your hair clean and soft in your favorite axe smelling scent.  Like any other axe products this shampoo and conditioner is a great for men. The new scent is very delightful. Part of the set is the refreshing body wash. My husband likes the body wash. It's works. Dry well and leaves you feeling clean. Also with a great scent. That also have an antiperspirant stick and a 24hour deodorant stick. Depending on which one you prefer. They both are great items and help keep my husband feeling dry and smelling fresh. The next product is then body spray. Who wouldn't want to finish off the set with body spray smelling like your other products.


AXE NEW AXE Gold Temptation. Discover the NEW, absolutely irresistible AXE® Gold Temptation™. A fresh beginning opens with green citrus fruity notes delicately mixed with a spicy sparkling accord. This fresh start is followed by sugary and appetizing molten chocolate notes and hints of masculine amber. These opposed paths, between freshness and sweetness, create a unique and exciting contrast – the newest complement to AXE® Dark Temptation™. I would definitely buy this product. My husband and brother love Axe products. This is a great new scent. A new favorite. For more information click here.



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