vedic botanicals

vedic botanicals

Ayurveda is herbal medicine based in India. Ayurveda goal is to balance the elements in the body and treating the root of the problem. Vedic Botanicals offers a variety of Ayurvedic body care products that can help you to heal and glow from within. My top three favorite products include their Defense Balm, Glow Facial Serum, and their Recovery Aide.

Defense Balm

The Defense Balm is just what you need right now! With Covid 19 and with flu seasoning upcoming, you will need this specially crafted Ayurvedic germ-killing and immune-boosting blend. Antioxidants and nutritionally rich base oils means you can apply this balm to your hands, arms, feet, chest, neck, or any area of your body that has been exposed to germs. Defense Balm is great for on the go. You can take it with you to beaches, on flights, restaurants, when you use public transport, to work, etc.  Bayeb beauty has some great things we can use every day.

Glow Facial Serum

Are you looking to give your skin some glow? The Glow Facial Serum is an herbal blend that balances and renews your skin. This serum will keep your skin look clear, even-toned, while feeling silky to the touch. With the use of essentials, your skin will look youthful and your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays. What more can you ask for?

Recovery Aide

If you suffer from arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, athletes, do yoga, work a job that causes a lot of aches and pains, or if you are pregnant, then Recovery Aide should be a part of your arsenal. Recovery Aide is full of powerful herbs that are crafted to reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints. The ingredients used help to ease pain, increase recovery time, repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Why You Will Love Vedic Botanicals

Their body care products are vegan and cruelty free. Vedic Botanicals use sustainable practices including using PURE labels, packaging is non-plastic, reusable, waste-free environment, their workshop is 100% solar powered. Other reaons to love them include:

  • They source ingredients and packaging from American companies.
  • Vedic Botanicals use the Post Office for shipping.
  • Raw materials are USDA certified organic
  • They invest in the community
  • And so much more!

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