I was excited when I was giving the chance to do another review for Ba Star, this time it was on the smokey eye palette. My niece loved this color and I was afraid that it would kind of dark on her but it actually looks really good with her skin tone. She also likes that its been used by cheerleaders and dancers that makes her happy to use such a product..


With this shadow I actually got a glitter base , you use it after you put the eye shadow on so that it makes your shadow last longer, and we all know what its like to have to have to put it on again, after a couple of hours.

All in all she's very happy with it I think she can apply it darker next time because then her eyes will stand out more. She did however use her own brushes because she hated the one that came with it. Ba Star has great tutorials on Utube so it makes learning how to apply your make up easier.

The best news is if you're a dance mom or a cheerleading mom the tutorials are of actual young girls so you can see how good the makeup comes out. And use it in the future. Like I said she loves this color combination and would love more, of course she's 15 and thinks she doesn't have enough makeup.

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