With so many new and older babies in our families, I wanted to get them something different and something they can use for years to come. We are always looking for great gifts and something unique and different.

With the holidays here, there are so many things we are looking at, and trying to decide if this is the right gift or not. Kemaily has so many great products to choose from, like blankets and outfits and so many more things. Having looked I decided on the Minky Loveys, they are adorable blankets, that the babies will be able to use for a long time. 



These Minky Loveys are just the right size for them to take on the go. Now you won't have to worry about the babies dragging the blanket on the floor,  yet they are big enough for them to cuddle with.  They are so soft to the touch, and I am sure they are going to love them as much as I did.  These blankets are what dreams are made of, and I love that even the most sensitive skin can use them too.



Grey Chevron on Hot Pink Double Minky Baby Blanket


You can choose the colors and have it even personalized for that special baby in your life, they are available in these colors  Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Camel, Green, Grey, Lavender, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow.  You choose the two colors you want.. As you see I choose the grey and pink for Sophia and the grey and grey for David.  Both babies will love these blankets and use them for many years to come, the perfect gift for the cutest babies. 

They carry everything  from burp cloths, baby blankets, throw blankets, adult blankets, minky blankets, to hair accessories, baby bloomers, lace petti rompers, and leg warmers!  They stop at nothing to bring you and your baby the best quality in products. 


As a stay at home mom, I started this business as a hobby after the birth of our 3rd daughter.  Within a year it quickly grew into a full-time career and from there its morphed into a family business! Kemaily has become so much more then I have ever dreamed! Kemaily embodies the spirit of an American small business. We are dedicated to high-quality fashionable products and to personal service for every customer.


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