I am always on the hunt for learning toys that is why I truly enjoy the books and toys that are offered on Numbers Alive. The gifts and toys that are found on Numbers Alive are perfect for any age. From plush books for babies and toddlers to posters for classrooms there is sure to be a learning gift just perfect for you little one.I found the the Hi 5! fabric book and my daughter just loves it. The book helps her make friends with numbers 1-5 using her hands. The colorful embroidery, crinkle fabric, and small numbers pop out of the pages and are quite alluring. The book uses a variety of sensory explorations that keep your child entertained and coming back to the book over and over.  Older toddlers can learn to trace numbers and shapes with their fingers(i.e, 2-pointed heart with a “foil mirror” and a fuzzy triangle and three small embroidered triangles for 3). The cover shows embroidered hands with the numbers 1-5 and has a handle allows the child to carry “MY numbers book.”Features of Hi 5! include:

  • engagement features to stimulate young minds
  • caring handle to encourage interaction
  • washable fabric to keep kids safe

What is also very neat is that Hi 5! was named one of the top 6 independently-published children’s picture books of 2015 at the 2016 American Library Association Annual Conference. Giving Parents piece of mind that they are truly giving the gift of learning from day one.To see all the amazing gifts on Numbers Alive just visit numbersalive.org and be sure to let us know what your favorite gift items are on the website and who you would give that gift to.

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