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Baby Gift Ideas

Babies are so hard to shop for! Not that they even know what you are getting them, but it is a pain for the parents when they get so many things that are so alike because let’s face it, how many things can babies use?!  Here are some ideas for things that I think you will find make perfect gifts for any baby and will stand out!!



Bibs.  Now I am sure you think that babies probably already have lots of bibs.  Not like these!! Sassy Bibs are the coolest bibs that any baby will wear! Each bib has a great sassy saying that will get everyone commenting on it! They are 100% terrycloth, so they are great bibs made of great material, and the sayings are just a bonus – guaranteed they will not have any duplicates of these!

How about a nice blanket? You may think that babies have a lot of these too, but not like this! The Bugaboo Blanket is made from washable Merino wool, and it is so breathable that not only does it keep baby warm in the winter but in the summer it protects and absorbs moisture away from the baby too, so this is perfect for year-round use! Plus it being able to be machine washed is great since we know how blankets get spilled on!




One thing a mother could always use are changing pads – Piperoos are made of 100% organic cotton and can be used for changing, on your shoulder when burping the baby, or even just on the ground for tummy time.  You would also be supporting a company that is in the USA in Los Angeles, California.  These too can be thrown in the washing machine to clean so you can use them all the time for everything!



How about a gift that is multipurpose for baby?  Anamazees is the perfect gift – a stuffed animal that holds a pacifier (which is included) and a pacifier cover, it also it a rattle, a squeak toy, and sings the ABCs! They come in an elephant, lamb, monkey, and puppy.  Once the baby does not use a pacifier anymore, the pacifier detaches and then it can just be used as your toddler’s best friend, along with still having the rattle and squeak feature!

Babies have very delicate skin so why not buy from a company that is made from natural ingredients for a baby’s sensitive skin? The Medical Mommas Little Wonders™ Baby Collection is what you are looking for.  The collection includes Little Wonders™ Baby Bath, Little Wonders™Baby Lotion, Little Wonders™ Tummy Troubles Rollerball, Little Wonders™ BabyBooty Cream, Little Wonders™ Crib Spray, Little Wonders™ Teething Cream, LittleWonders™ Sweet dreams Rollerball.   You don’t want to put just anything on a baby’s skin so why not choose products that are all natural?

The J is for Jeep Stroller  available from Target is the perfect stroller that is lightweight and does not take up a lot of room, ideal for quick strolls around the block or if you do not want to get the heavy duty one out to lug around! It has the cover on top to protect baby from the sun so does everything the bigger ones do but will make mom less frustrated using it and trying to maneuver it!

If the new parents were blessed with twins, they might have their hands full, and everything pretty much comes as a single for one baby! That is where TwinGo Carrier comes in.  Made so mom or dad can carry both babies easily and a perfect gift for those with twins, so if you know Beyonce now you know what to get her!

If you know of parents who do a lot of traveling with their young children, here is a great gift idea.  An airplane safety harness that weighs less than a pound and fits in a purse.  This is made especially to keep little ones safe on airplanes and probably something that not everyone thinks about until they are going to be on an airplane! It is easy to install so again, no frustration!

Now, this next one I am totally in love with – TempTraq is a wireless temperature monitor that comes as patches that you put on your baby, and it connects to your device to let you know if your baby/child’s temperature changes.  How great is that! No waking them up in the middle of the night to take their temperature, TempTraq monitors and records and will let you know without you having to do anything but apply the patch! They get to stay asleep and not get woken up, and you get peace of mind!

When babies are ready to start wearing shoes, it can be a challenge for them to get used to shoes that are hard and enclose the feet when they have been used to being barefoot or in socks! Raspberriez LLC turns baby booties into shoes with soft soles, so they feel more comfortable.  They are cute, and they are all handmade – and the shoes grow with them so with baby’s fast growing feet you will not need to buy shoe after shoe after shoe!

Having just come off my first cruise, I went well protected from any kinds of sickness that can happen. My biggest fear was that I would be so sea sick, I been on boats and that never bothered me, but a ship didn’t know what to expect. So I took my NOMO NAUSEA, is the FIRST and ONLY natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, and migraines INSTANTLY for adults, kids, & now dogs too!  Our patent pending peppermint essential oil infused latex-free, BPA Free acupressure wristband is not only stylish but waterproof too.  These are great  baby shower  gift for expecting moms

The goal of any anti-nausea band is to wear it before the nausea starts, and since the NoMo Nausea Band is drug-free, it can be safely worn on either wrist for as long as you’d like! When you’re done with the band just recycle it away, but make sure you have a few more for another nauseous day.

When AJ is old enough to eat, I will be feeding him the best and safest foods,  Once Upon a Farm.

Shelf stable baby food must be cooked, high heat pasteurized, and have preservatives added in order to have a shelf life that will outlast your child’s infancy! The resulting yucky dull color and very sugary flavor should tell you everything you need to know. Even further though, vital nutrients are cooked out, essentially leaving babies with a “dead” food that is lacking critical nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Compare this to the vibrant color and fresh taste of freshly picked Once Upon a Farm mangoes. Our trademarked baby food blends use fresh local produce and healthy fats like coconut milk to help improve brain development, and our advanced packaging technology uses pressure instead of heat to kill harmful bacteria while simultaneously preserving the nutrition.

The result is a convenient, truly farm fresh baby food with a refrigerated shelf life of 60 days.  These will be sent to him , so he is eating good . His mommy tried then and said they were so good.

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