BabyBook by CanDoBaby! This app is great. I was given the chance to make a book. It was easy and fun. I can't wait to make another book. I know people who make books online and have heard them complain about how long it took them. This took minutes. I love how it came out.
Save Time. Save Memories.
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Now you can make exquisite, professionally printed baby books, documenting all your child’s milestones, and showcasing all those fabulous photos you keep taking, right from the one thing that’s always as close as your child (and sometimes closer, but we won’t tell!)… your iPhone!

Easy Peasy.
It couldn’t be simpler.
This App gives you a fun guide to countless milestones you can track and record as your child grows, an easy way to pair these moments with photos, and best of all, the ability to create a beautiful keepsake — a professionally printed, hardcover baby book. …All without putting down your iPhone! First choose from 100s of our customizable, intuitively organized milestones. Or create your own. Then add up to four photos for each Milestone. Drop the ‘Milestones’ you just made into a book. And voila! Hit publish and wait by your mailbox.


Raising kids costs a ton.
Remembering the experience shouldn't.
BabyBooks are only $25 (+ shipping/tax.) Save the rest for diapers. Our hardcover, press-printed books are unmatched in print quality and craftsmanship. With a clean, modern design, each BabyBook showcases a cover photo of your choice, includes 30 milestone filled pages, and boasts a bright accent color on back!

And don’t worry… no need to limit your favorites. You can build books up to 70 pages at just 50¢ for each extra page!

All this and fun too?
As a parent, you have enough obligations on your plate.
This won’t be one of them. Your kids are hilarious and adorable and heart-melting. Watching them develop and sharing their days is a blast! We think documenting all this should be too. So we offer you milestones with flair, templates with personality, and other little touches to get you excited and make you laugh out loud. Plus the BabyBook App is so intuitive — you’ll love using it. And since it’s all on your iPhone, you can make a book while playing on the floor, getting a pedi, watching TV, or even sitting in that boring meeting at work. Like we said… fun.

Can’t remember when that photo is from?
Don’t worry. We can.
We know you meant to write down the date when Jack first rolled over, but you were so busy gushing (and snapping pictures)! And when Parker ate her first solid food, well, you were a bit tied up puréeing sweet potatoes. We get it. No need to fret. BabyBook will tell you the date each one of your photos was taken. So now you can record that milestone with accuracy. And stop guessing.

Let’s Practice Sharing.
We can all take turns!
BabyBook makes it super simple to quickly share images of all the Milestones you make, when you make them. (yup, even on instagram!) So go ahead, don’t be shy… show off those hilarious and precious moments.

Grandma –
I promise! I'll send pictures soon…
Your relatives are always asking for printed pictures, but at the end of the day, it’s the last thing on your mind. Simply invite them to visit your private BabyBook website, and let them order their own! That’s three more hours of sleep you just earned.
One in the Oven?
Best. Registry Gift. Ever.
Order A Gift Certificate
It’s never too early to start nesting. Send someone special this CanDoBaby! Gift Card redeemable for one 30 page baby book, or for $25 towards a bigger purchase on BabyBook by CanDoBaby!

We know you’re Busy.
If you’re anything like us, your child has a baby book, but it’s still in the wrapper.
You have thousands of great photos on your iPhone capturing her milestones and special moments, but you barely have time to share them, let alone organize them. And each time your baby does something exciting, though you tell yourself you’ll write it down later, you inevitably get too busy and forget… Well you’re not the only one who’s worried that your cherished memories will slip away, unrecorded and unshared. That’s why we developed the BabyBook App by CanDoBaby! For more information click here.

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