Baby & Mommy Gift Guide 2020

Summer is on its way and I hope you’re ready!  It’s hard when you have babies or little ones because you want to limit their sun exposure.  Sunscreen can only do so much, which is why this sun tent will come in handy.  ilomomma Baby Beach Tent is perfect for those lazy days of summer, especially in the yard or at the beach.

The Rolls Royce Of Baby Bottles

Do you have a very picky breastfed baby?  I mean, will they only drink from your nipple or can you give them a bottle while Mom’s gone?  My granddaughter would not take a bottle from anyone!  I wish I would’ve known about these when she was little.  Let me tell you about them.  Hegen Bottles are like no other.  As a matter of fact, as I said in the title, I’m calling them the Rolls Royce of baby bottles.  First of all, their packaging is ridiculous!  Second, the bottles mimic Mom’s breast better than any that I’ve seen.  They recently sent me the Hegen PCTO Basic Starter Kit PPSU and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ll go into more detail on what those acronym’s mean later, but for now, trust me when I say, you need these bottles!

Do you know someone who is going to have a baby?  This is the perfect blanket for them, it has a bible verse and not to mention is simply gorgeous. When I found out my niece was having a little boy, I knew I wanted to get her something special. It makes a great keepsake and some families are keeping their quilts safe to give again to the next generation of children in a few years’ time!

This soft, hypoallergenic blanket is made from the highest quality fabric and comes in blue or pink. It’s embroidered with nine amazing Bible Verses, so you can literally wrap your child in the Word of God.

As a mom I am always looking for safe products for my entire family to use, while at the same time saving as much money as possible. One of my favorite brands that meets both categories (safe and inexpensive) is Dapple Baby. Dapple Baby are the proud winners of the Clean Label Project Purity Award! Each of their products are formulated without brighteners, dyes, artificial fragrances, and does not include any fillers. Although, they are known for their baby friendly products, Dapple Baby recently added some new personal care products to their brand.

With so many people I know having babies, with so many awesome things out there to get them, I have narrowed the search down to something they can use when the are older. Crawl About Bee, the perfect toy for a 6 month plus child

Wow, things have changed since my children were small enough to need car seats.  Back in those days (20 years ago), we didn’t have that much to pick from.  As a matter of fact, you were being an amazing parent just using any car seat!  That’s sad, but kind of true.  However, now we have so many more seats to choose from.  Choices from standard all the way up to  “luxury”, which I certainly can’t afford for my granddaughter.  Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect, top of the line, but still priced reasonably car seat that you won’t want to live without.  Evenflo Gold SensorSafe EveryStage Smart Car Seat is something I didn’t even realize was out there.  It has everything you could want for a decent price.  Read on to see how much this seat will keep your little one(s) safe!

Thankfully, my kids are all grown up and don’t require a booster seat anymore, but I remember when they did.  We only had one or two to choose from and they didn’t have any “bells and whistles”.  Kids now have a lot of different toys to play with.  However, parents don’t change.  We all still want something that is safe and keeps the child occupied.  The Grow With Me Discovery Seat & Booster by Infantino is the perfect seat for them!  It holds them in safely and has some great, cute toys.  The toys slide to reveal a tray for snacks and a drink.

Have you ever seen those pacifiers with the buck teeth?  They’re hilarious and they serve a purpose.  We love making fun of our babies, but it’s all in good fun.  I can’t really speak about the companies that make the buck teeth pacifiers, but I can tell you about Little Toader.  They have some cool, fun, quality baby products that you shouldn’t live without!  One of my favorite things is AppeTeethers – Teethers – Baconease.  Yes, you guessed it correctly if you are picturing a teether that actually looks like bacon.  It’s soft and squishy and they love to chew on it

When my kids were babies there was only a handful of different strollers, cribs, breast pumps, baby bouncers, etc.  If you needed a stroller, there were only a couple to choose from, which made the selecting process much easier.  However, nowadays these products have so many cool features I wish I would have been able to choose them back then.  Instead of getting frustrated, let me help you with a baby bouncer that turns into a cool activity seat.  Your baby will feel so relaxed with the vibration and sound features he/she won’t want to leave the seat.  The Infantino 2 in 1 Bouncer & Activity Seat will have the baby soothed and Mommy relaxing.

Being a mom of a 5 month old at Christmas time I have struggled with trying to think of practical gifts for my daughter for Christmas this year! I know at this age she really wont remember Christmas morning and everyone loves buying for her already so we are overwhelmed with small things and running out of space for them.

The STASH folding kids chair is a perfect practical gift that not only will store those small toys that she receives, it will also be a gift that will last for years to come, and be very useful in our household.

With my daughter almost being 6 months old she is growing out of the stage of wanting to lay in her swing and she is learning to sit up and wanting to be upright and paying attention to everything that is going on around her. Although we plan to have it by the tree on Christmas morning, we have already started using it with her and she loves it!

When you become a parent, you do everything you can to keep your babies safe and healthy. However, sometimes we overlook one crucial part of keeping them safe and healthy; the cleaning supplies we use. Often, the items we use are full of chemicals, which can harm out little ones. That’s why I love e-cloth for chemical free cleaning. This line has everything you need to deep clean your home; all you have to use is water and the right cloth.

There are so many cute clothes on the market these days, Its so hard not to buy everything you see especially for little girls! Being that they grow out of clothes so fast I try to find things that are super adorable so for the short moment that they are able to wear them, they will be styling!

Sophias Style carries an array of designer brands at amazing prices. The Bonnie Jean Baby girls Coral Rose Black Dot Stripe Print Body Suit is such a precious piece of clothing for your baby girl! I love that it is all one piece because I don’t have to worry about trying to match anything or keeping up with it in the abundance of laundry that comes with little ones. The print is so unique and colorful it will look great on any baby girl! Being made from 100% polyester it is very cool and flowing for those hot summer days! With the two snap closures, it makes getting to a diaper very easy as well!

Mom life is hard enough as it is! It seems there is just not enough time in the day before kids and after kids the days fly by even faster. There are products out there that can make your life so much easier and can cut down on the time it takes to do things that are necessary to being a mom.

Being a first time mom I know first hand that feeding an infant can take up well over a third of your day and if you are exclusively breast feeding it can take up even more of your day.

The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump can not only save you time, It can allow you to pump enough milk to continue to feed your baby breast milk even after you return to work.

What I love most about this breast pump is the memory feature! This feature allows you to customize the device so it is set to your liking and works the best for your individual needs.

Recently I had a friend who decided not to reveal the gender of her baby for her baby shower, she also did not create a registry of things that she wanted for the baby so I was a little desperate to try to find things that were unique and gender-friendly for gifts! In this case, finding the perfect baby shower gifts to excite the mother isn’t really that easy. But with extra patience and resourcefulness, you will surely find the perfect gender-friendly shower gifts that you’re looking for.

I wanted to tell you about a few products that I found that are not only unique they will work for both boys and girls and they are very useful!

If you have children or you have ever had to feed a baby, you know how bad you could use an extra hand!

The Beebo which was seen on the national tv show Shark Tank, Is an awesome hand free bottle holder. It is so easy to use and gives you a free hand while feeding your baby to be able to do other important things such as feed yourself! I know how hard it can be to feed your baby and not be able to anything else until you are completely done strictly holding their bottle.

When you travel with a baby it can feel like you are taking your whole house with you at times. You never know what you may need to make your stay comfortable and accommodate the babies needs.

We normally travel with our family and need all the room that we can get in the car for luggage and family members. The last thing we want to do is have to take multiple vehicles and spend even more money on gas if we can help it.

There are some wonderful products out there that make traveling with a child easy and they fold down to a very compact size making it easier to fit other items that you need in your vehicle!

If I could only take one thing with me on vacation for a small child, it would have to be the Chicco Fast Asleep Portable Playard with 2-in-1 changer/napper. This product is very useful at home as well but my favorite part about it is how easy it is to fold up and take with you on vacation. It is perfect for the baby to sleep in, you can change the baby in the full size changer and it is as simple one snap to change it from the napper to the changer.

Some of my friends jokingly call me the “bag lady”. I have always been the type of person to carry around multiple bags with me wherever I go! On a typical day to work I normally have my purse, my everyday bag and a lunch bag. When I found out I was becoming a mother for the first time, I knew I would need multiple bags to store and carry around all of the items that come along with a new baby!

Thirty-One is a brand that has been very popular on the radar for some years now! I have owned a ton of their bags in the past and I still use them to this day after years of wear and tear! They are not only super useful they are very durable and stand up well to everyday elements.

With popularity comes production! Thirty-One now makes an array of bags that are perfect for bring up a baby! They have diaper bags, Utility totes, Stroller cargo thermal bags, and even bottle thermal bags.  All of these come in lots of different patterns, colors and of course you can customize them with any name, initials or designs!

How cute is it to have a towel that is also a onesie? I mean a towel that your child can jump into right away after stepping out of the shower and not trail around a puddle of water? It is actually a great idea as after a bath or shower, mom is busy trying to get the bathroom back in order but first she has to dry the baby up! But to expedite the process, why not just throw the baby into his onesie which is also a cloth made of towel material? That way he is getting dried and the water is being absorbed off his skin at the same time? It even comes with an attached hoodie that goes over his head to absorb the water drips from his hair. The hoodie is so adorable, because it is the face of the creature theme of the onesie. It is called the My Buddy Towel.

While being pregnant it is so hard to find the time to get out and look for things that you may need to take care of yourself and keep your pregnancy as relaxing as you possibly can. Did you know that there are box subscriptions that are made just for moms to be that are loaded with useful products to keep you happy, pampered and comfortable?

I wanted to share with you 2 boxes that I have received since being pregnant and a few of my favorite items from both of them.

Hello, mom Store is a company that sends out boxes packed with goodies not only for moms, but they will also send some pretty cool items for your baby as well. My box was made just for a mother and included some pretty neat things that I have already put to good use.

I love that it included things that I actually use and need. We all need a good pair of socks and some cozy comfortable ones at that. I loved the cute pair of fuzzy socks included and they have little grippers on the bottom to keep me from sliding on my hardwoods.