First Baby Doll

There are few things as sweet as new babies, and I am having the pleasure of loving on one right now…My baby girl is almost 8 months old, and she is starting to let her little personality shine. She is also starting to reach that point in her development, that her emotions are starting to show. My girl will grab my face and give me sloppy little kisses, and she will touch her bubba and sissy's faces and call out for “Da”. She is also starting to show an increased interest in toys; So what better time, than now, to introduce her to her very first baby doll?!

First Baby Doll

Started 30 years ago, in France's Loire Valley, these dolls are made with great care and attention to detail; Corolle makes the very best baby dolls for your little one. With baby dolls and rattles made for birth and up, you can rest assured that the first doll you give your baby, will be loved. I was very pleased to give my sweet girl the Pink Elf Cotton Flower Doll; she is 9.5 inches, with a soft body perfect for hugging, and the sweet scent of vanilla.

I love the Birth Set with Pink Elf, although you can get her all on her own as well. It is the perfect baby shower gift or First birthday gift. It contains the Pink Elf Cotton Doll; a soft blanket; bib; and BPA FREE baby teether that has the same wonderful vanilla scent.

First Baby Doll


All too often people make the mistake of giving a hard doll as a first baby doll; hard dolls can be dangerous for your little one. Corolle is the line to check out if you are looking for the perfect soft baby doll. You will love them; I promise!

You can keep up to date with the new dolls, designs, and accessories, by following along on social media.

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