Ritz Crackers are made by Nabisco  and that division has gotten into the act. This weekend, I found both Everything  Ritz and, a little behind the curve, Bacon Ritz..
“Everything” is dried onion, poppy seed, garlic, and sea salt – and it’s pretty close to the spice mix in an actual bagel. It actually reminds me of the days before fresh bread in restaurants and you’d get a basket full of various crackers.And I love my everything Bagel .
According to a press sheet that arrived along with our smoky crackers, the idea behind the new offering is that you can, “indulge your bacon hankering anywhere, anytime.”
My nephew loved them and took them for himself I never tell him no. The flavor of bacon occurred more when I breathed in and tasted” like smoke and bacon.  The cracker was very salty, so that helped contribute to the illusion.I was able to taste a couple of them.

In fact, they’re both vegetarian and kosher. So, yay? I actually like these too, but I don’t think they taste like bacon. Because they also include black pepper, I’d say the flavor is closer to summer sausage.


Spicy Chicken Ranch Melt – RITZ Bacon flavored Crackers paired with pepper jack cheese, chicken and ranch dressing packs a delicious punch

Chili-Sauced Beef ‘N Cheddar Snacks – Top RITZ Bacon flavored Crackers with slices of cheddar cheese and roast beef, and finish with a dollop of chili sauce for an incredibly savory snack.

RITZ Fried Pickles – Bread juicy pickle chips with RITZ Bacon flavored Crackers for a new spin on the southern classic.

We simply love these and are happy to have had the chance to review these.

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