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Baking For Quality Family Time!

There are a few family members in my household that enjoy baking. But, sadly, we don't do a lot of it. Why? Mostly because of the “busy-ness” of life. There is always a chore to do or some other excuse that hampers us from choosing to just go bake for the fun of it. But, when we do bake, my family really does enjoy it—and they definitely enjoy eating the final product. So, when I was given the opportunity to try Baketivity subscription box, I jumped at the chance!

Baketivity – Fun & Baking All In A Box

What is Baketivity? It's a subscription box that provides you with various baking experiences to do with your children and/or as a whole family (or really with anyone)! Their boxes provide activities that are fun, engaging, easy to clean up, educational, and, of course, tasty!

What exactly is in the box? My box, the “Bug Cupcake” box, came with food ingredients, an adorable Educational Activity booklet, and step-by-step instructions with illustrations. The ingredients are pre-measured to make it simpler and they're even coded by color on their packages and in the directions to make it easier for the young bakers.

Our Bug Cupcakes & What We Learned

In terms of making and baking the cupcakes, it was a lot of fun and super easy. It was probably the easiest batch of cupcakes I've ever made, mostly because the majority of ingredients are pre-measured. It was educational as I taught the young ones how to use the oven, crack an egg, and measure liquid ingredients. When the cupcakes were in the oven, they kept waiting in anticipation for them to be done so they could get on with decorating. Then, when we finally got to decorate, they were super creative and came up with some fun bug designs. And then, of course, they couldn't wait to eat them!

As mentioned above, the box also came with an Educational Activity book, which was really cool! It teaches about insects in general and then goes into more specific insects, such as twig insects, ladybugs, bombardier beetles, and fire ants. It included some really interesting facts, many of which I found fascinating! For example, did you know fire ants can signal their comrades to attack? I was bit by fire ants a long time ago and was shocked at how many had bit me in such a short period of time. Well, I guess the fact from the activity book explains why:) The booklet also included a search-and-find activity.

So Many Fun Baking Experiences in a Box!

Baketivity offers so many fun baking experiences, including bagels, cake pops, “Pudding Pie Towers,” granola bars, and more! They even offer wheat-free and gluten-free choices for those with certain dietary restrictions. You can order subscription boxes on a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly basis (the longer the subscription the lower the price).

This would make an absolute wonderful birthday or Valentine's Day gift for a child in your life! It would also be a wonderful accompaniment to home schooling since it's educational. You could also purchase it for use during a child's birthday party. Or, just purchase to provide for some quality parent-child time. Try it and see what you think! We had a lot of fun with it and I'd definitely love to do it again!

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Baketivity Subscription Box