Balance Bars are known for their 40-30-30 “balanced” nutrition: 40% of the calories are from carbs, and 30% each from protein and dietary fat. So maybe this is more of an “energy” bar, but that’s just getting nitpicky. It does have a lot of protein. To quote the website:
“Who says cookie dough can't be good for you? Get lasting energy from the rich, yet nutritious, flavors of chocolate chip cookie dough in this lip-smackingly tasty bar.”

Ray thought they were he said it tasted as good as the peanut butter. When you break this one in half, it visually passes the cookie dough looks test as you can see that it looks just like cookie dough compacted into a small bar.

While this does taste initially like cookie dough and carries the inherent softness of cookie dough, it has an odd aftertaste that I can only explain as “protein. Ray said the after taste was there for a while after he finished it.
While he was physically chewing it was amazing–really sweet and easy to take.

Chocolately chips are speckled throughout this charmingly chewy, energy-packed bar. And while your taste buds delight in delicious cookie dough, your body gets a boost from the 40-30-30 nutrition plan and essential vitamins and minerals.


About Balance Bar®
Founded in 1992, Balance Bar®, one of America's original nutrition/energy bars, offers the right ratio of ingredients and nutrients that are scientifically formulated to help keep you in balance, delivering the nutritional benefits to help you enjoy today while looking after tomorrow. Balance Bars® are available in four unique product lines (Original, Gold, Dark and bare) that offer more than 20 delicious flavors based on the 40/30/30 nutrition model – a proven formula developed by scientists to help maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range and that represents the caloric ratio the body needs to enjoy lasting balanced energy and help satisfy hunger for longer; 40% of total calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from dietary fat. For more information, visit www.Balance.com. Follow Balance Bar® for tips and nutritional information on Facebook® (www.facebook.com/BalanceBar), Twitter® (www.twitter.com/BalanceBar) and Pinterest (www.Pinterest.com/BalanceBar).

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