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Bali Bead Makes A Statement Of Their Own


Spring is just around the corner and summer is on its way. If you are a fashionable woman that loves wearing accessories that are elegant, vibrate yet simple in design, you will want to check out these beautiful necklaces from The Bali Bead.

One of their best sellers, “The Statement in Deep Sea Blue” has been upgraded in a limited edition Compact design. The Compact Statement has been made with shorter length and is a little larger than the usual Bali Bead. This gives the appearance of a much neater and more controlled look.

Vibrant colors (can get her favorite color)
– Special and Handmade (not many ladies will have it)
– Flattering to all (a confidence able to be worn all year long)
– Gorgeous and one of a kind
– Sustainable and helps women in Bali (metal free and natural materials make it uniquely high quality ass well as stylish) – great for travel as well

It’s perfect for large busted ladies as it allows for less weight on your chest. It has a more comfortable and customize look to it. It’s also great for petite ladies as it is more flattering because it’s proportional and will fit perfectly without giving excess slack in length, making you seem taller with this design.


Whether you are a professional woman or wearing this for a casual outing, I find this to be extremely flattering with most outfits. The color really pops and is very eye-catching. Truly timeless and sophisticated in design. The Bali Bead is made sustainably from recycled glass and an environmentally friendly dye process that promotes lasting color that is vibrant and will not irritate your skin. The clasp is made from mother of pearl.


If you’re looking for something to add to your collection or to give as a gift, perhaps for Mother’s Day, I highly recommend looking at this collection. They do have other colors and styles available. Are you looking for that perfect gift, or want something that stands out. The Limited Edition Bead is a little larger than our usual Bali Bead and makes for an even more pronounced pop of color



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