Can you remember that song? Was it in South Pacific?
Ok, for the younger ones, this was a haunting song
from a musical – not many of those around these days!
– which in those days seemed like a world away from
our everyday lives.

But these days Bali has much to offer and it is within
most people’s ‘trip of a lifetime’ holiday plans.

Where is it? It is one of the islands of Indonesia. If
you look at a world map, Bali is North West of
Australia sitting between Jakarta and East Timor.

What does it have to offer? Well, it could probably be
listed amongst some of the most beautiful places in
the world. The island is practically ringed with white
sand beaches and clear water.

It has an active volcano at its center, rice fields
abound everywhere and Hindu temples, complete with
offerings to the Gods, are scattered throughout the


The island is famous for its batik cloth and
paintings. Balinese culture includes the colorful and
unique dance troupes as well as its famous wood

This truly is a beautiful and serene place where the
local people love to show off their cultural heritage.
They welcome visitors from all around the world and
offer many kinds of exciting experiences along with
the usual snorkeling, diving programs, horse-riding
and boat trips to other islands.

This surely must be one of the most exotic and far
flung places you could ever wish to visit.

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