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Did you know that your lips are the body part on you with the thinnest amount of skin? The lips have a sensitive barrier that should be kept as healthy as possible. Smooth and moist being ideal. That’s why it’s important to take care of our lips like we do on our arms and legs. Even more so, because our lips can rip and bleed. This can be painful when we talk or eat, and may even develop an infection. The best product for your lips are some kind of moisturizer lip balm. I really enjoy using Beessential. They have some pretty awesome balms to choose from!

Natural and Healing

Beessential is totally natural, because ingredients consist of beeswax, pure honey, Propolis, coconut, olive and virgin hemp oil amongst other things.  But my favorite amongst all the ingredients is the healing shea and cupuacu butters. The butter really makes the lip balms moist, smooth, and glide easily across my lips. It gives me a good feeling, because it prevents my lips from ripping and bleeding.

There is a special pick your own lip balm tin five pack that Beessential has. It is customizable for you to choose which flavors you would like to put inside the tin. The flavors are amazing! In my tin, I have five wonderful options! One of them being the honey balm. You can taste the honey flavor and some sweet fruity highlights. There is also Vitamin E blended with the balm for that extra dose of healing.

Many Choices

I also have the Cinnamon and Clove O’ Christmas balm. This balm reminds me of the holidays. It is soothing, softening, and has a very natural feeling. You get the yummy flavors of cinnamon, peppermint, orange, and even monk fruit! I think this one, is by far one of the best that I have tried. But I have to confess that the Lime and Coconut lip balm is very nourishing. Lime oil and coconut flavor is a great mix! I feel very comforted using them.

Rose and mint is another favorite of mine. Peppermint is very refreshing, and I love the tingling feeling after taste of the balm. The natural rose flavor is very subtle and not overwhelming. It has a relaxing scent, and I enjoy it very much. It is just as refreshing to use the Orange Ginger balm. The scent is very attractive and fun to use for a calming effect. You can customize your own, as the options are plentiful.

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