Banish Those Scars Away

I hate having acne. It’s like I went through puberty and never grew out of it. Coming up to four decades and I still get awful acne on my face. The worse is after the acne pops, I am left with horrid acne scars. The worse is that it takes about two to three years before the acne scar even gets light enough to be unnoticeable. I really become conscience when I get acne and have to take photos. It eats away at my confidence. Speaking about skin issues, have you heard about Banish?

The Banisher

Banish is a skincare line that creates products to tackle the issues that cause acne. They use true natural ingredients to promote healing. Hence, to Banish bad skin. They came out with a unique cosmetic tool that has the effects of having your skin lasered. The tool, called the Banisher 2.0 is supposed to improve the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. 

The beauty of the Banisher, is that it is non-invasive, and results are profound! It is like a rod with titanium bristles at the end. You have to clean it first with alcohol before every use for sanitary reasons. Then you let it air dry. Once ready, you press done on sections of your face that need treatment. The Banisher presses with even pressure. It is not suppose to scrape your skin or cause too much redness or irritation. You only press down for a few seconds and you’re done! By doing this, you allow of your skin to absorb nutrients and regenerate.

Banish Oil

Banish offers a kit with a Banisher tool and the Banish oil, which is a Vitamin C serum. I love the serum, because it contains only pure ingredients. You apply a dab of this serum after using the Banisher tool on your face. It is thick and clear, and does such a great job in adding the extra moisture I need in my skin. You can even use the banish stick to massage your face, allowing for better circulation. 

Store all these things in the Banish Storage bag for your next use.

I can say, that I feel more beautiful and confident after a good face regimen. The Banisher helps me fulfill these goals. It takes time for skin to heal, but not so much time as Banish makes rejuvenation more attainable.

Banish Charcoal Masque

They also have the Banish Charcoal clay masque. I love it, because it fights my oily skin. That in turn, helps diminish my blemishes, because charcoal really deep cleans the pores.

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