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Bar Cocktails In A Can

Bar Cocktails In A Can

Now, I no longer have to save my money for airfare. Did you know you can go online and order cocktails, how can that be? Well, I am here to tell you. We have ordered so many, of these already so we are ready for any company we get, sitting down to have a drink after all the work is done around the house and yard is so good. My favorite drink is a Daiquiri and a mojito and imagine you, get everything you need in a can. The days of going to the club and bar are long gone, so being able to have the perfect drink from home is the best. When the ladies come by all I need to do is head to the fridge, and make us some refreshing drink and the look on their faces when they see it comes from a can is priceless. Being able to relax at home, versus a bar or club is great. No smoke-filled rooms and the noise level is quite.  you should see for yourself.


How to make your own Caipirinha

Step 1: Refrigerate or keep your cans on ice until ready to serve
Step 2: Crack open can
Step 3: Sip and enjoy!

[Pro Tip] Serve over ice to keep the drink chilled.

Pick up a few cans for your next outdoor event and spread the caipirinha love. Trust us, your pronunciation will improve with each sip.


In case you can’t get your hands on Novo Fogo’s Caipirinha Cocktails in a can, you could always make your own!

– Half a lime, quartered
– 1 tsp superfine sugar or ½ oz simple syrup
– 2 oz unaged cachaça

In an Old Fashioned glass, muddle lime and sugar. Add cachaça. Top with crushed or cracked ice. Gently stir. Serve.

Go online and place your own order of this refreshing cocktail

Fogo Sparkling 

Ok, so call me cheap. I happen to like drinks that come in cans or bottles that can be reclosed and carried with me easily.

Summer officially begins Monday, and we’ll be Stellabrating all weekend long.   A summer cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious and refreshing which is why Stella Rosa is perfect for summer and all occasions.


You can now Stellabrate on the go with these portable and durable aluminum bottles that come in both Stella-Platinum and Stella Black flavors!  Same great taste with a little added fun bonus in the new on-the-go packaging.  With so many summer activities on the horizon, you’re going to want to take them with you wherever you go.  These new single serve bottles chill faster and stay colder longer so they are perfect for summer concerts, hiking, biking, beach days and more.  Stellabrate summer with the new 8.5 oz. aluminum singles!

Find Stella Rosa aluminum singles at your local retailer.  With distribution steadily growing, make sure you request these at your local retailer – our distribution will continue to grow with customer demand.


My husband is the drinker in the family and he just loves this Rock and Rye straight up on the ice. He likes to have a glass after a long hard day at work. It relaxes him and he seems to be able to get to sleep easier.







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