Barefoot yoga company had sent me there signature Hybrid mat combine the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. They are better for the environment and your health than traditional PVC mats with long lasting performance. The mesh scrim (the “skeleton” of the mat) is made from 100% recycled polyester, which contributes to its longevity and strength.
There Hybrid Mats do not contain phthalates or heavy metals, and the method of production is completely non-toxic and latex free. The wrap covering this yoga mat is made from eco-friendly POF (Polyolefin), which is a poly resin and completely bio-degradable. The sleeve insert is also printed with soy-based ink. A long-lasting, high quality, affordable, and no nonsense yoga mat for every type of yoga. Each Barefoot Hybrid Eco Mat includes a 14.5″ Black Striped Stetchy Mat Strap. Dimensions: 24″ x 68″ x 0.15″ (4.0 mm)
Before use, we recommend wiping down this mat with a wet terry cloth towel to clean off any factory residue for better traction.  This mat is easy to use and easy to care for. These are great for not only yoga but also to have a comfortable clean space to exercise on. I agree that this mat is comfortable and sturdy. Makes a slip free surface for when you are doing yoga or exercising. For more information click here.bfy-hyb-lite-detail

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  1. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would use this it is so nice! Thank you for the chance to win!

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