Have you ever had one of those days, when all you want is chocolate, but then you think you shouldn't because you know your trying to lose weight. I have been asked by barkThins to do a review for them . We could not wait for them to get here.


The barkTHINS snacking chocolates are a melt-in-your mouth delight. Each piece is the perfect portion of chocolate you can indulge in without guilt. The chocolate is rich and creamy, but it's also made with only certified fair trade ingredients that are free from any GMOS.

Some of the flavors I did not know if I would like the Dark Chocolate Pretzel and the Toasted Coconut. They were a different twist on chocolate that make barkTHINS even more unique. Devon liked them all and my niece loved the Chocolate mint ones, they are just the thing when you need a piece of chocolate, it works great for your craving.

Great snack – Sweet and Salty taste very delicious you can't just eat one thin. You will really enjoy. As expected We loved them all and can not wait to try them again. I had access to lots of brands of chocolate. This has just the right amount of salt, seeds, & dark chocolate to satisfy “those moments” of craving.

Something I will buy again, Devon loved them most, and if he likes something then they are good.
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