Have you ever heard of a company called Barrel Butter, it's a awesome company that sells ready-made flavored butter.

You can spread them on almost all kinds of meat just put a spoonful on steaks, chicken, chops , fish, and you can even put them on escargo for that twist of flavor. And that's not all you can do, you can add them to your wine sauces to give it some extra flavor.

Doesnt this sound so good and different , never heard of flavored butter before the ideas are so many, that you can actually do with them. The things you can use them on are endless and the best part is you can get some recipes off the we

The history of Barrel Butter is After 20 years in the restaurant industry as an accomplished chef, Dave Hawley decided that these products shouldn’t be kept a secret among chefs any longer. We offer these versatile butters at a great price so they can be the new staple in your refrigerator!

Slather them on veggies to increase and complement the garden-fresh taste. We love to slather Chipotle Lime butter on corn-on-the-cob! Barrel Butters will always deliver a flavorful and elegant touch to just about anything you cook at home!

Our entire line of butters is made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We make our compound butter by whipping whole butter with a variety of fresh herbs and fresh squeezed juices to provide the vibrant, bold, and powerful yet pleasant flavors that will enhance practically anything you cook at home.

Products Garlic Herb
Looking for an all-purpose topping to liven up meats, pasta, and vegetables? Try Garlic Herb on steaks, chops, chicken, seafood, fish, potatoes, sautéed vegetables, shrimp scampi, fried eggs, pasta, garlic bread, sauces, pan sauces and, if you dare, escargot; in fact, our Garlic Herb butter will go well with just about everything! For the most mouth-watering flavor, we use ONLY fresh herbs—never freeze-dried! The main ingredient, garlic, is also guaranteed fresh and unprocessed–we chop the cloves ourselves. For that hint of fresh lemon—you guessed it!—we don’t use concentrate, we use fresh lemons and squeeze them ourselves. Fresh ingredients from local sources make Garlic Herb Barrel Butter the best-tasting finishing touch for your table.

Chipotle Lime
Looking to add a little heat to your menu? Add some flair to steaks, chops, chicken, seafood, fish, potatoes, sautéed vegetables, fried eggs and corn-on-the-cob with Chipotle Lime Barrel Butter. For the most mouth-watering flavor, we use ONLY fresh cilantro—never freeze dried—in fact all herbs we use are fresh from our local suppliers. The tangy lime flavor comes not from concentrate, but fresh limes that we squeezed ourselves. Corn on the cob has never tasted so good as when you slather on some Chipotle Lime Barrel Butter!

Lemon Chive
Add a touch of elegance to your dinner tonight by adding Lemon Chive Barrel Butter to steaks, chops, chicken, seafood, fish, sautéed vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, wine sauces, pasta, and shrimp scampi. It’s the perfect finishing touch for the delicate flavors of fish and seafood. We use only fresh chives and parsley—never freeze dried. The fresh lemon taste comes not from concentrate, but from actual lemons we squeezed and zested by hand. The shallots we used to give our butter a special garlic-onion taste are also fresh and locally grown. You’ll love the fresh and lively taste Lemon Chive Barrel Butter adds to the food you put on the table.

In all of our Barrel butters, we use extra virgin olive oil used to enhance the texture and to add a little depth of flavor.
How do you add Barrel Butter to your food? For most meats, simply dollop a spoonful of any one of the three Barrel Butter flavors on top of your meat in the last minute or two of cooking. In other applications, say for veggies, breads, or pastas, simply replace your regular butter with the same amount of your favorite flavor of Barrel Butter, and sit back and enjoy that extra flavor. Barrel Butter gives you, the home cook, the ability to serve high quality gourmet dishes with ease and without emptying your wallet.
Barrel Butter keeps in the freezer for up to nine months, and in the refrigerator for up to three months. Barrel Butter is easy to use and ready for you when you need it.

Heres some recipes from the different butters

Chipotle Steak
Any steak you like, as big or small as you like
1 Tbsp Oil
Chipotle Lime Butter by Barrel Butter
You can use any steak that you prefer. Sirloin, filet New York Strip, Ribeye……It doesn’t matter.
There’s no need to season your steak when using our Chipotle Lime Butter. Our butter does all of that for you!
Pull the steak from your refrigerator and allow it to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Steaks should always be allowed to come to room temperature before cooking. They cook much more evenly and come out juicier if cooked from room temperature instead of from a cold state.
Rub a little bit of oil (olive oil, vegetable oil, canola, it doesn’t matter) all over the steak.
You can broil your steak, grill it or cook it in a pan on the stove-top. Any way you prefer to cook it is ok. Cook the steak to your desired temperature.
Place the steak on a plate and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. This allows the juices to rest back into the meat. If you cut into it right away the juices will simply run out of the meat and the result will be a dry steak.
Place a spoonful of Chipotle Lime Butter on top of your steak and enjoy! The butter will melt from the heat of the steak and create a bold, balanced and fresh flavor to your steak. Enjoy!
You can substitute our Garlic Herb or Lemon Chive butters in this recipe. They all compliment the steak wonderfully!

Garlic & Parmesan Pasta

Pasta. Whatever shape and however much you want to use, depending on how many you’re feeding.
Barrel Butter brand Garlic Herb Butter (about 2 ounces per serving)
Parmesan cheese
Bring a pot of water to a boil (add salt if desired)
Once boiling, add the pasta of your choosing. Cook to desired doneness. Check the package for cooking times.
Once your pasta is cooked, drain all the excess water.
In a pan add the Garlic Herb Butter and place it on medium high heat.
Once fully melted, allow it to bubble for about 30 seconds.
Add the pasta and toss to coat the pasta evenly with the Garlic Herb Butter.
Add as much shredded or grated parmesan cheese as you like, toss it up and pour it in a bowl.
This is a nice, easy and fast dish. It works very well as a side dish too!

Crab Legs with Lemon Chive Butter

As much crab as you can eat
Barrel Butter brand Lemon Chive Butter
A large pot with a steam basket
If your crab legs are frozen allow them to thaw fully in your refrigerator.
Place about 2 inches of water in your pot and place on a high flame, place the steamer basket in the pot.
Once the water is at a rolling boil place the crab legs in the basket and place a tight fitting lid on top.
Cook for 7 minutes.
Meanwhile, place as much Lemon Chive Butter as you care to use in a small dish and melt in the microwave for 15-25 seconds, or until fully melted and hot.
Remove the crab legs from the basket and allow them to drain for 30 seconds.
Now dip that crab meat into the luscious Lemon Chive Butter and enjoy!

The nice people of Barrel Butter are going to give 2 of my readers a chance to win all 4 butter flavors of their  own all you need to do is enter below and good luck.

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