Most women look forward to the end of the day when they can sink into a hot bubble bath, and let the stress of the day melt away. Even better? kicking it up a notch with fabulous bath bombs! A bath bomb is a great way to relax your senses after a stressful day; with the oils that are used in most bath bombs, you will be treating yourself in no time at all.

Mixologie's Fuzzy Navel Bath Bombs are a perfect addition to any bath. These bath bombs are huge and come with a goats milk soap ball in the middle. With ten different scents to choose from, you can rest assured that there is something available that will relax your body and mind.

Each 6 oz. Bath Bomb is made with moisturizing agents like shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Mediterranean sea salts. I have several of the bath bombs from Mixologie, and I love the range of scents. With everything from the pink grapefruit, zesty lemon, and sweet mandarin scents of Electric, to Madagascar vanilla bean, smokey musk, and amber of Tenacious. Not to be outdone by Serene, with its floral blend of white freesia, jasmine, and rose. Plus the wonderful scent of warming amber and cashmere musk, creamy sandalwood, and patchouli in Assured.


Each of these fantastic scents will allow you to rest your mind, body, and spirit, welcoming calm and relaxation. You can only do so much for others before you MUST do for you. Why not give yourself the pampering that you deserve? Run a steamy bath, dim the lights, put a sign on the door that says “Do Not Disturb”, drop in your favorite bomb, then sink in and inhale the wonderful scents while exhaling the stress.

If you love the scents in these bath bombs, be sure to check out what else Mixologie has to offer. Each of these scents is available in a rollerball of perfume! What's even better, is that these scents were designed to be layered, so you can create a one of a kind, unique to you, personalized fragrance. Mixologie really is a great gift for the women in your lives. With Mother's Day right around the corner, why not give mom the relaxation she deserves.

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