Bath path  I real sea salt soak. I had the most refreshing bath. The light scent of lavender. My body felt nice and smooth afterwards. Epsom salt is known for its ability to treat acne and clear skin up. Salts have long been used to treat problems with acne by delivering essential minerals and nutrients, exfoliating, and increasing circulation. Sea salt can be used as Epsom salts, but has distinct differences that make it even more beneficial to the skin. Using sea salt for acne helps rid the skin of blemishes due to its natural antibacterial properties, its properties as an astringent, and the vast amount of naturally derived, pure minerals that are beneficial to your skin’s health. Sea salt also contains magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D, all which help the skin fight bacteria while imparting rejuvenating effects.


Sea salt works for acne because when it is applied to the skin, it creates a hyper tonic environment for your skin and everything living on it. The water then diffuses out of the bacteria in the acne and they die. Using sea salt in conjunction with hot water both delivers these essential nutrients to your skin and also creates a beneficial environment where the skin is getting cleansed of the bacterial elements as well as excess dead skin and oil that is clogging up your pores.
Bath Path’s Mineral Sea Salt Soak with Lavender’s natural minerals and 100% natural sea salt derived from the Mediterranean Sea will leave your skin refreshed, cleansed, and glowing. The hyper tonic environment created by the sea salt allows the skin to be cleansed of all germs and bacteria, while the Lavender scent eases stress. Relieve blemishes by easing into a warm or hot bath mixed with some Mineral Sea Salt Soak. The hydrating water environment combined with the soothing, nutrient rich bath salts will allow skin to be exfoliated more easily and deliver the minerals your skin craves, combating acne and clearing up skin so that it looks healthy and radiant.
The Dead Sea mud masque. This is a fancy spa treatment you can have right in your own home. With the harsh weather and toxins in the environment it wreaks havoc on our skin. A Dead Sea mud mask is the perfect way to help soothe your skin. Apply on skin generously. Wait until dry and then rinse off with warm water. Feel refreshed and soothed. For more information click here.


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