As a mother of three I am well aware that bath-time can be challenging. Not all children enjoy heading to the bath and even if they do they don't always want to go.  After a while the bath toys can become dull and boring not offering much lure to the bedtime routine. I tend to rotate the bath toys to keep things interesting. Having super fun exciting bath toys also helps. Edushape has some fun and entertaining water toys that are sure to ignite a new excitement for the bath, like the Sensory Hoops. It's even more awesome when those toys are educational as well as entertaining, such as the Fish n Spell.While I have a girl, she truly loves the Edushape Sensory Hoops. It's a very simple yet effective design, the foam four hoop Edu-Foam ‘basket’ floats on top of the water for balls to be tossed in. The Edu-Foam is resistant to mold, mildew and is designed to not hold water or misshape. The three 2½” floating sensory balls included are designed to feel different so that the child playing can exploring her senses. The balls are also easy to grip, even with wet soapy hands. Sensory Hoops is great for bath or pool fun ensuring lots of long lasting, developmental fun!Fish n Spell comes with four fishing sticks perfect for an activity table or use in the tub. There are two types of “bait” designed to make it easier (larger) or more challenging (smaller).   Edu-Foam letters stick to the “Bait” when both are wet, making for the perfect hand-eye coordination activity. Additionally, your child is working on letter recognition and reading development the Fish‘N Spell letters are perfect. Just like the Sensory Hoops the Edu-Foam is resistant to mold, mildew and is designed to not hold water or misshape. The complete set includes 2 poles and 94 Letters.

What were your favorite bath time toys as a child?

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