Ever since my daughter was born I have tried to make bath time fun. While my daughter loves being in the water she doesn't necessarily like the getting clean part, she loves to play.  So when it comes time to break out the soap and washcloth there is usually a little bit of a protest. Soapets turns bathtime struggles into bathtime fun. Little ones think they have a cute new water friend to play with in the tub and parents now have a fun way to get thier children clean. 

Mimi the Ladybug and Dyno the DinosaurSoapets are a fun substitute for washcloths. Little ones think they are getting a toy while in reality you can fill the stomach with a bar of soap or use the little insert with liquid soap. So while your little is playing in the bath you can suds them up and they won't even notice! And just like a washcloth you can toss your soapets in the washer to clean them up. Just be sure to use the cold and delicate cycle on the washer and dryer. 

Mimi the Ladybug SoapetsThere are seven adorable Soapets to choose from – Dyno the Dinosaur, Mimi the Ladybug, Bobo the Panda, Cici the Turtle, Wis's the Penguin, Lela the Platypus and Fefe the Dragon. They are all so adorable it's hard to choose just one! And with a retail price of $9.99 I could easily take home a few. Soapets are perfect for any age. 

My daughter is 6 and she just loves her Soapets. What used to be a struggle is no longer. I used to fight with her every night about using a washcloth and soap to get all the dirt off her legs from playing outside. I have no clue why she fought it so much. But now that I have Mimi I just place a little bar of soap in the pouch, cinch the string and let my daughter my daughter use it. That right! She uses it. By herself. There's no more fighting or arguing about using soap now we argue about when it's time to get out of the tub! I much rather be having this debate.

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