Have you ever had to give a young child a bath in the tub? If so, maybe you can relate to the following. During bath time, have you ever found that it can be difficult to find a comfortable position for yourself while trying to maintain a safe hold on the child in the tub? Sitting on the bathtub ledge puts a person at an awkward angle.  Kneeling on the linoleum or tile floor isn't that great either, because the knees will oftentimes begin to hurt within a matter of minutes. And, standing isn't so great either. So, what is a person in the above situation supposed to do? Well, how about using a Tub Kneeler Pad from One Kind Nest?


The Tub Kneeler Pad – Your Knees Will Appreciate It!

What exactly is the Tub Kneeler Pad? It's actually a nifty invention that will bring comfort and ease to your life while giving your little one a bath. To be more specific, it's a thick pad for kneeling on so that your knees don't have to suffer from the pain that can result from kneeling on a hard floor. The pad measures 22 inches by 13 inches, an extra-wide design so you're not falling off. And, in addition to being very functional, the pad cover features an adorable ocean theme with fish, a whale, crab, starfish, and a cute little octopus!

When you're washing a young child, the focus really needs to be on the child to ensure they're safe. So, you don't want to have to be fiddling with your kneeler pad in an effort to keep it (or you) in place. Well, One Kind Nest thought of that, too. The pad has a non-slip backing to help prevent the pad from moving when you least want it to.

Another feature that makes this pad great is its removable cover, which is hand-washable. And, it comes with a handle so you can hang it for easy access and storage.

The designers of the Tub Kneeler Pad have really come up with a great product! It's adorable, comfortable, and functional. You're knees (and you) will be more comfortable during bath time, so you'll be able to enjoy the fun memories of bath time instead of rushing to get it done because you're so uncomfortable.

The Tub Kneeler Pad is available for purchase on Amazon. It currently retails for $16.47 (price subject to change). This would make an adorable baby shower gift! Wrap it up with some baby bath soap and voila—an easy, affordable, and useful baby gift!!

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