This Christmas I would like to recommend to you two beautiful books from Good Books, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. These Christmas picture books will be favorites in your family, as they now are in mine. So let's cozy up in a nice, comfy chair and learn about “Jesus is Born” retold by Sophie Piper/Illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert, and “Babushka – a Christmas Tale” retold by Dawn Casey/Illustrated by Amanda Hall.


“Jesus is Born”

Share the story at the heart of Christmas and celebrate the good news of joy and peace in “Jesus is Born” Retold by Sophie Piper and Illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert. Written for children ages 4-8, this is the story of the birth of Jesus, the son of God. “In text that echoes the language of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, Jesus Is Born tells the entire story of the nativity, from the angel Gabriel’s awe-inspiring message to the Virgin Mary to the miraculous birth of Christ in a lowly manger in Bethlehem; from the luminous star that led shepherds and three wise men to the newborn king to King Herod’s terrible threat and God’s promise to keep Jesus, Mary, and Joseph safe.” (Skyhorse Publishing)


Beautiful illustrations that will delight both the story teller and the listener are found on every page. From the love on the faces of Joseph and Mary, to the gentleness of the animals in the barn, every detail brings this story to life. With colors that depict peace and comfort, reading this book while sharing the pictures is a pure joy. To me, the illustrations in a book are just as important as the story itself. Being as how God wrote the original story, the illustrations had to be special. And they are.


“Babushka – A Christmas Tale”

“This timeless Russian tale will warm your heart and fill you up with the joyful, generous spirit of Christmas.” (Skyhorse Publishing) A different type of Christmas story, “Babushka – A Christmas Tale” retold by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Amanda Hall, tells of an old grandmother who is visited by three wise men on the very first Christmas eve. She is invited to join them on their travels to search for the new born Prince of Peace. But Babushka is too busy with her chores to join them.


The story continues as the next day Babushka changes her mind and decides to try and find the wise men. She discovers she can't see their tracks because of the snow. Her journey then turns to one of helping children in need along the way with gifts from her basket. Gifts that she had planned to take to the baby Jesus. With amazing illustrations done in folk style, this book has become one of my new favorite Christmas stories.


I would like to recommend these books for addition to your Christmas library. Also, I'm sure there book recommendations are great gifts for the children on your Christmas list who would love to own these wonderful books.

You can connect with Good Books on Skyhorse Publishing's website/Facebook/Instagram/and Twitter.

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