Isnt it the best when you shop for little girls. There are so many great things for both boys and girls, but I love the dolls the most. When my neice was little we had to have every doll there was. Recently we took a trip to Jersey and our Great Great neice was turning one. So I had to get her a gift, searching the web I came across the GirlxNDollz site, they have some of the cutest little dolls. 


GirlzNDollz came into exsistance when the founders passion, for the love of dollz as a child she dreamed of making her own dolls and of course her love of passion. My niece loves her dolls and playing dress up all the time. So this made the perfect gift for her. Not only is the doll cute, she comes with her own carry bag, so when she goes to MaMas house she can carry the baby.  The GirlznDollz team consists of toy industry professionals, with 20+ years of experience in toy and doll marketing. They have been the masterminds behind some of the most innovative products sold to key toy retailers. 


The one I choose was the  Pink candy bag with Leila Cut, This candy shaped bag is a 12″ child size, doll bag with choice of 14″ Leila Cute Doll. It is in solid pink with pink polka dot trims, satin ribbon, and with GirlznDollz logo. A cute and beautiful doll, now she can taje it with her when she goes to her grandmas house. 

These unique dolls  are based on real life characters that all girls can identify with and will want to collect, play with, and love. With our dolls, we hope to inspire girl's creativity and encourage the spirit of individuality.  They want girls to learn that  imagination and compassion can open up their world and teach them to accept  one another as they are.

The girlz’ mantra at GirlznDollz is “I AM ME” and that slogan is strongly personified in our dollz. With our products, GirlznDollz’ emphasis is on
quality, value, and uniqueness with a strong message to young girls: Be confident, Be Happy, Be You.


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