I love having long hair. I don’t remember a time when I did not have long hair. Sadly, long hair takes a lot of time and hassle. Conditioning is only the tip of the iceberg. I try so many products and things after the fact to ty to get my hair looking silky, thick, and perfect but it never seems to work out. I always have frizz and split ends and flyaway hair and no matter how many products

How can we get this look and not spend so much money, doing so Human hair bundles with closure. I use promising my hair will look thicker and fuller it just does not happen. Not only that, I can grow my hair but it looks so straggly because of the split ends and damaged hair that I need to cut it to look healthy and not to straggly, and then I lose the length besides so now it’s not as long as I want and still not thick.

So I go on with my hair that is thin and will never look as thick and full as I want, and if I want it to look decent and not straggly shorter than  I want. Never have to worry about a style and going to the salon. Did you know all this hair is made of real hair ,Brazilian hair , get the waves you want with these simple pieces of hair.


No more being frustrated because the hair is perfect and not a split end to be seen. It’s almost cheating that I get such perfect hair and the back gets fuller than I could ever hope. I almost feel bad about deceiving people – almost but not enough to stop, this is way too easy and since I always have to trim my split ends and my hair never gets the length I want this takes care of two things at one time – length and fullness.


And the place to get the hair you want , and the style is rebeccafashion, they have all your hair needs and styles. Head on over and see all the styles they have, you will find something you like,

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