Beautiful Handcrafted, Veteran-Made Gifts that You Need 3

Spring and summer are always huge celebratory and commemorative periods with major milestones, memorials and holidays abound. All this means is that we need to get into high gift-buying gear for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, Memorial Day and more. After years of buying the same gifts, it’s nice to offer more distinctive, handcrafted ones to people we care about. A gift that will truly outlast the others and bring a sense of pride into lives forever.

Beautiful Handcrafted, Veteran-Made Gifts that You Need 1

Handcrafted and Veteran-Made Designs for Everyone

Offering a charmingly simple and unsophisticated approach to design, Rustic Flags of Virginia presents many great options to gift this year. They offer several styles of handcrafted, custom wooden American flags ranging in price from $60 – $85. The beautiful flags are handcrafted from unfinished or roughly finished wood and lightly torched with a satin clear coat. It is these techniques that give them that rustic, charming appearance while highlighting features of the wood giving each flag its own unique look. Original and well-made, this is the perfect addition to any home and office décor and they look great displayed on interior and exterior walls.

Beautiful Handcrafted, Veteran-Made Gifts that You Need 2

The “Red, Wood, and Blue Flag” is an American flag featuring stained blue union and red stripes, and natural wood white stripes — one of my favorites. Veteran-made Rustic Flags of Virginia have many other Patriotic designs to choose from. Other themes in their collection, include Police & Fire, Military and other beautifully painted, stained and/or carved options. Above all, Rustic Flags of Virginia offers a gift option for everyone. From Registered Nurses to college graduates, these flags can be name and graphic personalized, too. Therefore, if you don’t see a flag for you, then one can be commissioned with a graphic of your choice.

Beautiful Handcrafted, Veteran-Made Gifts that You Need 3


Rustic Flags of Virginia is the brainchild of Dave Bridges, a 25-year U. S. military Veteran. It’s the American people and their struggles, sacrifices and principles that guided him to begin this venture. Subsequently, while Dave was making these wooden flags as gifts for friends and family, the word spread and demand grew. As a result, Rustic Flags of Virginia can be viewed all over the world.


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