Loving my SohoSpark Journal

I love to journal. It is one of my favorite leisure activities. I’ve journaled since I was a little girl. It could be about anything. It could be how my day went, phone numbers and addresses I needed to remember, birthdays, drawings, etc. What I had a hard time with was having journals that were too thin and run out of pages. Or rather journals that were so poorly designed and cheaply made that they would fall apart. My parents didn’t have a lot of money so I really never had a high quality journal until I became an adult. A top choice I would recommend now a days are journals created by SohoSpark.

High Quality

SohoSpark journals are what I would identify as high quality craftsmanship. The sturdiness, thickness, and elegance of the journals are very proper for gift giving and as keepsake items. For me, using my gel pens on them, was impressive as they absorb the fluid well and do not smear the ink.  The pages are acid free and hold a nice white color. The pages weren’t grainy or dull. The ink does not go through the paper either. I enjoy that the pages have numbers on them so I can always go back and mark a page if I need to. Pages can be either lined, dotted, or blank. I like mine with lined pages so I can have better control of my writing.


There are always 240 pages in each journal, so it lasts a good while before I run out of writing room. But the beauty of a SohoSpark journal is that they are refillable. That means that you can keep the same cover and slide in some new pages. This has become a blessing as I love my cover, which is the Compass Rose. The art work on these journals are always embossed. The cover is very silky and smooth in touch. Since they are faux leather, they are vegan. There is no need to worry about hurting the environment or testing of any animals.

Pen Holder

Each journal is about eight inches in height and six inches in length. The width measures to about seven-eighth of an inch which is the perfect size to carry. Each journal even comes with pen placement tab stickers. I love having the freedom to place my sticker where I want on my journal versus it being done for me, because I use a shorter pen, so I place my pen holder a littler higher than the typical journals. I plan on using SohoSpark journals forever.

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