Everyone wants to look beautiful. And if you can't look beautiful, you at least want to look the best you can.  I am not talking about plastic surgery or anything drastic like that, just little things that you can do to make you feel beautiful because if you think you look good, you feel good, and feeling good is the key.  I used to never wear makeup or worry too much about skin care or hair care or anything it is funny how even just waking up in the morning and washing my face makes me feel better and my skin is so soft and smooth it gives me a boosted confidence, or even just throwing on some mascara and making my eyes pop a bit.


Vanity Planet is my one-stop shop. I used to get my skin care from one place, hair care from another, makeup from another, well, you get the idea.  I am also a person who reads the labels on everything I buy, especially the skin care/hair care/makeup because I want to make sure it is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.  When I buy online which is usually the way I find the best prices, I have do a little bit more research because obviously, I cannot just read the label. Vanity Plant only sells PETA-certified products so right there saves me a lot of time.

They also have hair styling products like the curling iron/flat iron set.  You control the heat setting between 150 degrees and 450 degrees, and it can be used for all hair types which a lot of flat irons cannot.  It also comes with a heat-safe glove which for someone like me is a great thing, and an auto shut off feature, which again, for someone like me, is a lifesaver.

I think the best part is the prices are all reasonable and being that they sell so much I do not have to buy from all different places which also is a wonderful time saver and saves me money too because with all those different places I am either spending way too much money on shipping or wasting gas driving all over.

You can check out all their products here or follow them on Instagram.

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