There are a couple of us who are taking pills on a daily basis. And have you seen the pill boxes that are so ugly looking and plain. Well, I have something great r for the modern woman who takes medication, vitamins or other supplements daily. The Style Rx comes in two modern, vibrant designs that disguise the well-made pill box and elevate it to a luxe style accessory that women are not ashamed to carry with them.



One for your mother, one for your mother-in-law. One for your purse, one for your suitcase. The possibilities are endless! And they are so pretty, these Style RX pill boxes are just the right size, to put in someone's stocking. Small enough to slip into a purse, but large enough to fit 6 fish oil per day

When you find something as stylish and functional as the Style Rx you want to share it with everyone you know. Custom designed signature prints that discreetly disguise your pill box – at home, at the office, on-the-go No one will tell they are pill boxes, they look like my grandma's lipstick holder.

Space to carry your daily dose of vitamins, medications, supplements, or even prenatal. Holds 6 fish oil capsules or 20 ibuprofen tablets/day. Discreet magnetic closure ensures your pills stay organized, and not all over your purse.

What I like is that they are wrapped in this pretty, coated cotton canvas for durability and easy care so your Style Rx always looks great. Pill box insert (included) is washable and interchangeable for extended weekly use.

The Style Rx is a secure and discreet way to keep medicine, supplements and personal style close at hand in a well-crafted, fabric-covered case with vibrant and unique Inspired by Dawn designed original patterns. The Style Rx is Bringing Style to Life.

Who would you give this too?

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