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When we care about our time, we choose to limit things that take us away from valuing every minute we live. Such things such as phones and television are distractions and adding to the war-like schedules and environment we constantly place ourselves in. One way to simplify distractions in our lives is to put down the cell phone and use a wearable wrist watch. Woodstone is a watch enthusiast company that designs beautiful and elegant watches to help customers find peace.

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Being Present

Choosing Woodstone will not only help someone not look at their phone as much but be present in real moments. What I love about their watches is that they are made from wood. The wood is the area that surrounds the clock. Also, the material used in their watches is recycled.  I value this so much, because I am the type of person that values waste not want not culture. 

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Serenity Black Sandalwood Rosegold

The watch I have is the Serenity Black Sandalwood Rosegold. This watch is very slim and great for a very feminine and gentle look. It has a black rim with the rose gold around it. The band is black and very comfortable. It is 100% leather. I like that the glass is scratch resistant, since I am a klutz and likely bang my watch on things. It’s great that my watch can handle such wear and tear. The watch retails for $159.00 USD which is not too bad considering the high quality and beauty of the watch.

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With sandalwood its a darker and richer color which brings a very sophisticated look. This watch makes such a lovely gift for your loved ones, especially since Christmas is around the corner. What I think is a neat fact is that sandalwood is common in very nice furniture, so it feels like you have that air of elegance when you wear your watch. It's also a very durable material, a wood that last many years.

Even more special is with every purchase of a watch from Woodstone, they pledge to plant a tree. The whole process brings a better economy for farmers in Africa. They are directly supported from these sales.

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