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Beautiful And Unique Gifts For That Special Lady In Your Life

Theres are a couple of things as woman we never have enough of , purses and shoes . But there’s also jewelry, what is the best thing we love to get for the holidays , yes you guessed it some pretty jewelry.

With that said I have found some of the most precious and pretty jewelry , that I wouldn’t mind having myself. When I say cute I mean , they are just right for ladies who aren’t always wearing jewelry.


Moon Phase


This is simple but yet different, something about the moon in the different phases makes it more interesting. If you’re a person who loves the moon this would be  great gift for them.

This moon phase necklace is ideal for someone with an natural approach to fashion. With a light-weight feel and a bold presence. It will enhance any outfit and soon will be your go to favorite. Get ready for lots of compliments.

Perfect for anyone looking to have a feminine yet empowering piece of jewelry that shows the waxing and waning cycles of the moon. This sterling silver moon phase necklace has the lunar phases hand embossed on the front of a sterling silver bar. Wire wrapped with delicate beads and attached with a handmade clasp. Finished with a dark gray patina in the recesses, this necklace will add a bit of edgy flair to any attire.

The necklace displays the 5 phases of the Moon in the order in which they appear in the sky from right to left with the full moon in the center:

Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent.

Waxing Crescent: Comes after new moon. The bright portion of the moon is increasing, but is less than half (or first quarter).

First Quarter: Sometimes called “half moon”, this happens when the moon is at a 90 degree angle with the earth and the sun. Half of the moon is bright and half is dark.

Full: Sun, moon and earth are aligned with the moon on the opposite side of the earth, so it is fully bright to us.

Last Quarter: Sometimes called “half moon”, this happens when the moon is at a 90 degree angle with the earth and the sun. Half of the moon is bright and half is dark.

Waning Crescent The bright portion of the moon is decreasing, and is less than half (last quarter). Comes before new moon.

Like all of our jewelry, this moon phase bracelet is made from start to finish, with great care at Harold Studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

What if you want to shout you love her. Then LOVEPENDANTS is the way to go. You can engrave it with what ever you want. I choose amor which means love.


Engravings are filled with specially made enamels. Although the Silver and Gold contain precious metals the amount is minuscule. The color of the Silver fill will appear tinted and Metallic when viewed through the colored gemstones. In Blue Topaz the Silver fill will look light blue metallic, in Amethyst light purple metallic and in Citrine golden metallic. The Gold fill is only available in White Topaz. All color fills are sealed to resist water damage and are warranted for life not to fade or fall out and if  damaged we will replace it at no charge.

There are many to choose from. there are awareness ones I wanted the breast cancer one for the important people in my life, who have fought and one and who have lost the battle. These pendants make gifts for any reason.


Then we have Sweet Yara Gifts, another great place to get some pretty jewelry. What would your wife, mother, daughter, girl love .

Glass Locket with Heart Charm in Gold


This charming gold necklace features a rhinestone-studded glass locket with a delicate heart charm surrounded by clear crystals. This unique accessory will be just the right accent to any outfit.

Adjustable Gold Heart Ring

heart_gold_ring_65be7e39-90ca-438a-981d-c32146b1ba93_1024x1024The minimalist design of this sweet, adjustable gold heart ring makes it the perfect ring to mix and match with other jewelry pieces in your collection. This ring is guaranteed to fit any finger do to its adjustable design.


“Forever Love” Silver Engraved Necklace with Blue Rhinestone


This simple “Forever Love” engraved necklace with its blue rhinestone is a great accessory for everyday wear

All of these gifts are affordable and yet so elegant, if any of these would make someone happy in your life head on over to the website and see for yourself.

For Moon Phase-Shop

For Sweet Yara Gifts- Shop

For Love Pendants-Shop



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