When it comes to decorating your home, do you sometimes feel like you need something that simple and yet pretty? Club Botanic has just what you need. They have some of the most beautiful wreaths as well as flower assortments.  Wreaths make such a added decor, and we can switch them out without a hassle. My sister is great at things like this, she has an eye for colors and they flow together.

This wreath with thistles was a huge success, so we have designed another front door wreath that offers those purple favorites! In the Blue Thistle and Olive Wreath, the gray-green of the olive leaves complements the bright purple of the thistles, creating a lovely wreath that will also dry nicely! It makes a wonderful gift for any occasion or even yourself. We suggest gifting it as a housewarming present.

Wreath size in picture: 20″

All of our fresh wreaths are made of materials harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful indoor or outdoor wreath. Wreaths are designed to last 2 – 3 weeks. Some foliage is naturally hardier and will last beyond the season.


We feel strongly about supporting locally grown and sustainable flowers. We care about the environment, both flora and fauna. We happily contribute to the efforts of some amazing projects that help animals. We send 5% of all sales to the following charities.

Its mission is to save and protect animals, provide care and treatment, advocate for their welfare and enhance the human-animal bond.

Its goal is to create a space where children and rescued animals can support, love and nurture one another.

Its mission is to extend compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farmed animals. This is executed by providing permanent sanctuary, education, legislation and appropriate placement of needy animals.

What makes these different from others, besides how beautiful they look. They give back and help animals.If you love animals as much as we do, then buying one of these will help animals in one way or another.

Another great thing is they have a subscription, where you can choose to send someone you love or if there's a special occasion you send them flowers or a wreath.

As a subscription-based wreath and flower delivery service, we offer you a flexible, stress-free way to enjoy the seasons all year round. Delight yourself or gift a subscription to thank, congratulate, or say I love you to someone special.



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  1. That’s a lovely wreath. Would look good on my front door.

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