Getting ready to celebrate 22 years as man and wife. Want something that's different and really unique, as his gift.  Wood In Philosophy is just that, something unique and I can personalize it as well.  Why is this watch so unique, it's made from wood, yes you read right a wood watch.  Beautifully made and are so much more pretty in person.

We have always seen watches of steel, but have you ever seen one of wood. My Pa would be impressed he was a watch and clock man. I am sure he would if tried to figure out how to make one. These really do give a very bold statement, they stand out, people will be asking him where he got it from.



These products are made from natural materials that are inspired by minimalist design. Great for any occasion or special reason, you need a gift.  Another great thing is you can use the products as a canvas to express yourself. So.mething that will be cherished for a long time, and was personalized just for him. You can have a message written on the back, mine says  Happy Anniversary 8/12/95.

This Vancouver-based company creates meticulously hand-crafted wooden wrist watches and iPhone cases, and they are so beautiful. there is a lot of love and hours put into these beautiful pieces.

These timepieces, available in classic and Chrono, make great groomsmen gift, corporate/team gifts, and can be personalized with engravings.  No matter what the reason is, this watch will make someone very happy. All our products can be personalized with words or an image if you wish.


From the company
Our mission is to design and craft some of the most modern and stylish accessories using natural materials. Each one of our products is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail using the highest quality materials. Personalization of our products through laser engraving is available for all our products. Contact us and let us know your ideas and designs!

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