Super Hero Props in a Bag

I have never met a kid that doesn't like to dress up. Props in a Bag takes dressing up to the next level. Everything you need to make your very own movie is included in this Props in a Bag kit. Every Props in a Bag comes in drawstring backpack & with assorted props for 1 character, a 36″ x 28″ backdrop and info to download the Props in a Box Movie Maker App ™.

Props in a Bag with Movie Maker AppThere are 4 different Props in a Bag kits to choose from –

The Builder – comes with a construction worker's vest, tool belt, 3 tools and construction background.

The Camper – comes with a green vest, logs, flame, marshmallow on stick and a background with a castle on it.

The Magician – comes with a Magician's cape, mask, wand, bunny and a background with a circus theme on it.

The Superhero (this is the kit shown) – comes with a superhero cape, mask, belt, wrist guards and a backdrop with various landmarks on it.

Each kit can be used with the Movie Maker App. The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Super Hero Props in a BagWhen your kit arrives, let your child create a story using the props in the bag. Then use your smart device with the Movie Maker App to turn your child's creativity into a movie! You can even add special effects and music to the story. And you'll finish it off with a title and list of characters just like a real movie.

Props in a Bag comes with everything you need to create a one of a kind story. If you have more than one kid, pick up a couple kits. Who says a camper can't meet up with a superhero? Let your creativity and imagination go wild. You can even add in more props from around your house to help expand the storyline.

Props in a Bag is a wonderful way to encourage your child to use their imagination.

All Props in a Bag as well as Props in a Box are available online for purchase.

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