I received a generous package from Bee Rescued the other day, and I was so excited to not only use the products myself, but share them with my family. Want to know what makes Bee Rescued Different? Read the story. These products are all 100% Natural Propolis Personal Care. Products made for the entire family, and my family knows that best.

The simple honeybee is so important to our ecology, not only are they one of nature’s most efficient and prolific pollinators, but they also make amazing products such as honey (of course!), propolis, beeswax and so many other fantastic products that we have come to know, love and use in our daily lives.



Here we have The Original Propolis Shave Gel (for her), The Original Propolis Toothpaste, and the Original Honeybee Eye Cream with Propolis & Royal Jelly. I used the shave gel on my legs and they came out really soft and smooth,the toothpaste didn't have any aftertaste like some do,
SDC13826-300x158The picture directly above consists of The Original Propolis Rescue Balm and 4 The Original Propolis Lip Balms.  The Rescue Balm, I used on my friends 2 year old’s diaper rash one day, and it took it completely away.  The lip balms, I distributed throughout, saving one for myself.  I love it.  It makes my lips feel moist, and kissable.

I not only love the Bee Rescued products for their safe and quality ingredients, but their dedication to animal safety is admirable as well!   Bee Rescused honeybees are well loved and raised without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial corn syrups or antibiotics, setting them a step above the rest in the bee product arena.  They also never test on animals, so you can be assured that your product is fur-baby friendly!  I definitely recommend these amazing bee products from Bee Rescued.  Next week I will be bringing you some more amazing bee facts and details on Bee Rescued’s toothpaste, lotions and lip balm. So why not work ahead and check out Bee Rescued on their website and Facebook!



They make all kinds of things

Propolis Rescue Balm
Propolis Lotion Bar
Propolis Lip Balm
Propolis Hand Lotion
Propolis Toothpaste
Propolis Moisturizing Cream
Propolis Aftershave
Propolis Shave Gel for Him
Propolis Shave Gel for Her
Propolis and Royal Jelly Eye Cream



Bee Rescued Propolis Care products are the only, truly 100% natural personal care products based on the healing powers of Propolis. Created and produced by Little Honeyzzz LLC of Janesville, WI, a family owned and family run company.

Our mission is simple… to change lives. Everyone of our products is designed with this in mind and if you're not careful, these products will change your life!
We are also determined as a company to change lives around the world. This is why a portion of our corporate profit goes directly toward the empowerment and the caring for of widows and orphans and single moms around the world. Partner with us today and change the world one child at a time!

Company Overview

Our company Little Honeyzzz LLC is a family owned and family operated company based in Janesville, Wisconsin. Our commitment is to produce the highest quality, propolis personal care products anywhere on the market today.

General Information

Bee Rescued Propolis Care is 100% all natural personal care for your whole family. We have two rules for our products:
1) Every one of our products have to be just as pure and natural as our honeybees.
2) Every one of our products have to do their jobs and do their jobs well!

Enter to win everything I received below good luck all

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