Beer And Cheese In One?

This Product Has Beer And Cheese In One Dip!  The Man In Your Life Would Appreciate This As A Great Father's Day Gift

Are you tired of giving him the same old boring Father's Day gift?  Well, if he likes beer and cheese, then he'll probably love this dip!  What guy doesn't love beer and cheese?  Hall's Snappy Beer Cheese is one of those crazy, unique products but you'll find it surprising that it tastes good.  I don't mean that as a put-down, it just sounds a little “hmm” to me.  The thing that amazed me is that it goes with everything!  You can dip pretzels (hard and soft), crackers, and whatever else you can find.  There are a couple of different flavors and they even have a spicy one for the “hot” Daddy in your life!

Beer And Cheese In One?

Cheese Dip On My Pretzel Please!

So, Hall's Snappy Beer Cheese sent me 2 Original Beer Cheese and 2 Hot-N-Snappy Beer Cheese.  I have to tell you that my favorite is definitely the Original.  It has a tiny taste of spice but certainly not hot enough to be spicy.  I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods, but my nephew will devour the Hot-N-Snappy ones.  As I said earlier, you can use really anything to dip in, but I chose to use my hard pretzel sticks.  It was delicious!  I'm kind of surprised because I was afraid it would have a strong beer flavor (which I personally, don't like), but it had the perfect blend.

Beer And Cheese In One?

Each jar of dip is 8.8 ozs of yumminess.   Both kinds of cheese dip are made with aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese, which I'm in love with!  Here I am getting so excited about this stuff but I should be giving it to the men in my life for Father's Day.  I might have to be a little selfish and keep these for myself.  Maybe I'll order them their very own.  We'll see if they behave (haha).

Beer And Cheese In One?

One other little note is that it tastes great on veggies too!  Go and get Dad (or whoever) their own and make someone happy.

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