With Beer Aid there is no more bloat. Thank goodness! I am not a beer drinker. Can't stand the stuff. But my husband is and unfortunately he suffers the consequences. Not that it stops him from drinking the stuff especially now that we found Beer Aid. He just takes a couple before he starts drinking and he is good to go. So, now he can drink beer more often. Not that he is an alcoholic or a drunk but he just enjoys a good beer now and then and likes to have a glass now and then to relax and unwind and let the problems of the day disappear. It's funny though, at first we never realized the bloating was from the beer. He usually has a glass with supper and maybe one more later to unwind. So, we always thought it was the food and most likely the amount that he ate. He is a good eater. He loves his food. But, we thought we would try these pills and boy was there a difference. So, like I mentioned earlier, he takes a couple of capsules before his first drink and has no more bloating or any other stomach problems when drinking.

Now, if they have something like this for wine I would be a happy camper, also. I just love me a glass of wine. Of course, I only have one glass but then suffer the consequences, also.  But, alas, that is a different story. We are talking about beer right now. I try to keep a bottle with me in case we decide to stop and eat while we are out and around. We live in the country and rarely get to the city so when we do we usually make a day of it and to ahead and eat out unless we really need to get back home then we wait to eat. But, either way hubby will have a glass of beer with his meal and of course needs his Beer Aid.

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