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Beer and Tea? Yes Please!!!

I am not a huge fan of beer.  There.  I said it.  I will taste it, have a bit, but that’s it.  To have a whole beer is just not for me.  I have never really enjoyed the taste of beer.  Until now.

When I first saw Owl’s Brew Radler, I was to say the least curious.  It comes in a can like a beer, but it says beer and tea.  It is actually beer mixed with tea and other juices.  For example, the Blondie is a wheat beer brewed with spices and blended with black tea, citrus juices, and agave nectar.  This is AMAZING.  I drank that whole can and did not think twice about it.  It is the BEST beer I have ever tasted.  It is also unlike anything I have ever tasted before.  I absolutely loved it and this is the beer I will be buying from now on, so for anybody who does not like beer, this will change your mind.

Owl’s Brew also makes cocktail mixers.  You mix it with booze, each flavor comes with suggestions of what to mix it with but I will bet you can mix it with anything that you fancy.  I will be honest, one of them called out to me – that was the Wicked Green.  It is fresh-brewed Green Tea, lemon, lime, and habanero.  Yes you read that right.  Habanero.  Well, that was all I needed to see to have to try it that instant.  Here is the honesty part – I tasted it straight – before mixing.  It was so good I almost did not mix it with anything until I was asked what I mixed it with and I said nothing and got some weird looks.  I think it was good enough to drink by itself, but I did end up mixing it with vodka.  My goodness was it delicious.  It has such a great taste that the vodka, which I was a bit careless and slipped with and put way too much in, did not overpower the taste.  This was good because I thought I had ruined it and all I was going to taste was vodka.  It turned out not to be the case and while there was more vodka in it than there should be (they call for one part booze to two parts mixer and it was probably equal in my case), it still tasted really good.  It did not change the heat either from the habanero so if you like a little bite this one is for you.  The other varieties are just as good and unlike anything I ever tried before and I am so glad I did.  I have my new favorite mixers now.  Plus, there is nothing artificial in them so that makes me very happy.

If you are not a drinker, this is also good with seltzer and/or lemon-lime soda.   If I am not in the comfort of my own home I do not drink alcohol and I did not miss the alcohol at all when I mixed it with a club soda.  It really did not take anything away from it not having the alcohol in it.  But the thing I loved about it is, even when I am mixing it with alcohol I do not have to worry about not having the right alcohol like in some recipes where it calls for certain things because you have so many choices to mix it with that they suggest.  The Pink & Black they suggest you can try with tequila, whisky, amber ale, and white wine.  Well, I am sure you can even try something else like my go to which is vodka and I always have in the house, but if you wanted to try one of their suggestions I am sure that you have something on hand that they would suggest.  The mixers are so versatile and that is what I loved about them. Mixed with pretty much anything, whether you make it alcohol or virgin.

Trying different things is my favorite thing to do, which is why I am a famous sipper.  Tasting people’s drinks, beer, etc., is my thing.  If I find something that I actually will drink all of, it is amazing.  This stuff is amazing.  It seems weird when you first see it the combination,  but I am telling you IT WORKS.  This is my new go-to mixer  and beer and now I can finally sit down on a hot day and pop open a cold one!

You can check out Owls’ Brew and all their varieties in their mixers and Radlers here and they even have a section for recipes which I also have found to be a great source for mixing and creating cocktail ideas.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram

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