‘Spring cleaning’ is a general term applied whenever a living space is in need of the kind of makeover that can be created by enthusiastic de-cluttering, soapy water and lots of elbow grease. However, if you are behind with your routine cleaning then that is where you must begin, because no amount of closet clearing and window washing is going to have an impact if the basic things have not been done. So run through this list quickly and get it out of the way so that the serious spring cleaning can begin.  There are so many great and informative help, out there you can go to any website about cleaning and get some help.


Basic cleaning list

* Take a large garbage bag and go around the house ruthlessly collecting rubbish. Clear out bins and waste baskets. Tip in old newspapers and junk mail, empty pizza boxes and drink cans. Get rid of moldy food scraps in the fridge.
* Go around the house picking up dirty clothes. Put them in a pile in your laundry, or into your laundry bag ready to go to the laundromat.
* Fill the dishwasher and turn it on. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water and hand wash any dishes that won’t fit in the dishwasher.
* Grab a bathroom cleaning spray and a cloth, and a bottle of disinfectant or bleach. Remove the clutter from bathroom surfaces and liberally spray the toilet pan, the washbasin, the mirrors, the shower, the bath and the tiles. Now get to work with the toilet brush in the toilet pan, then the cloth on all the other surfaces. Finish with a generous dose of disinfectant in the toilet pan and basin/bath/shower drains.
* Find a clean broom and visit each room removing cobwebs from the ceiling and the light fittings.
* Take a duster in one hand and a very slightly damp cloth in the other. Wipe horizontal surfaces such as tables, wooden chair seats, shelves and window ledges with the damp cloth, and dry them straightaway with the dry cloth. (You will probably need to rinse out or change your damp cloth a few times.)
* Empty your vacuum cleaner, or replace the dust collection bag. Trot around the house following the vacuum cleaner as it sucks up the dirt.
* Use a sponge mop and a bucket of soapy water to clean the now dust-free floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

Now you have a standard clean and tidy house. Feels great, doesn’t it? You may want to stop right there, but if you are feeling really enthusiastic you can now proceed to actual spring cleaning, otherwise known as ‘once a year jobs’. Don’t try to do everything all at once as these are time-consuming tasks. However you don't have to do them by yourself, if need be you can always get Houston cleaning services to help you tackle some of the following tasks.

Spring cleaning list

* Take down your window curtains and remove cushion covers, bedspreads and blankets. Launder them a few at a time. Send ones that can’t be laundered to the dry cleaners.
* Dust window frames, doors and door frames, and skirting boards. Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.
* Dust non-horizontal surfaces of furniture, such as chair and table legs, sides of cabinets and bookshelves.
* Wipe leather or vinyl sofas and armchairs with a damp cloth. Have fabric sofas and chairs cleaned professionally or hire the necessary equipment to do it yourself.
* Hire a carpet steam cleaner, or have the job done by an expert.
* Clean window glass, inside and out.
* Clean silver and wash any china ornaments.
* De-clutter your closets and cupboards by donating to charity any clothes not worn in the last twelve months and any household items not used in the last two years.

Yes, it’s a big list, and if you start in spring you’ll probably still be working on it in the fall. You will however, have the satisfaction of having begun your spring cleaning, and one day (maybe next spring) you will eventually finish it.

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